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Unknown Soldiers by One Of Them

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Unknown Soldiers by One of Them was published anonymously by Vantage Press, NY, in 1959. It is a uniquely Canadian story, and unusual in several ways. It is the only memoir by a Canadian Engineer, and one of very few that cover the war period completely from Valcartier in 1914 until demobilization in 1919. The reason the book was anonymous is the Author’s frank discussions on the most secret of all topics, one that is taboo, and rarely ever mentioned…sex… In Unknown Soldiers, the Author is quite open about his sexual pursuits whether they were professional or otherwise.

…The enemy replied with a curtain of fire just ahead of us and shelled our position until the ground rocked. Our funk hole was blown in and we were covered to the chest for an hour. My mate’s hand was free so he lit my cigarettes and put them in my mouth. Someone dug us out and we advanced with the attack at 0300. Three spent machine gun bullets and a shell splinter were stopped by my steel helmet. We went 800 yards to the crest of Mount Sorrel where we reversed the parapet and were under intense shell fire enfiladed from both flanks…

…One’s first sensation on being warned for an attack was a fluttery feeling in the solar plexus. It soon passed away and was succeeded by resignation and drowsiness. It was just stage fright or the nervy feeling before going into the ring or starting a race. Once over the top and smelling the mingled odor of blood, iodine, cordite, burnt flares, powder and recently upheaved earth, the spirit of the thing seized one and in the relief at being alive and doing something, most men laughed…

In this Edition, the Editor identifies the Author for the first time.