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Collishaw & Company: Canadians In The Royal Naval Air Service, 1914 – 1918

During the Great War Canada produced an incredible number of fantastic flyers and Aces. Names like Collishaw, Leckie, Sharman, and Hobbs became famous for their service in the RNAS. Many Canadian flyers started in the RNAS, and went on to legendary careers. In this unique book by aviation enthusiast and historian, J. Allan Snowie, the stories of the 973 Canadians who served in the RNAS are examined in great detail, giving biographies of the men, and telling of their greatest exploits. The book is incredibly well researched by J. Allan Snowie, a pilot himself, and brings to life the amazing Canadians in the RNAS, their aircraft and their lives. It is a fantastic contribution to the history of the Great War. Collishaw & Company is a must for Great War Aviation enthusiasts and those interested in Canada’s First World War history.

by J.Allan Snowie

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