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Cy Peck, VC


This is the story of Colonel Cyrus Peck, V.C., D.S.O. and bar, Mentioned in Despatches, M.P. and M.L.A., a legendary Canadian whose amazing military exploits included winning the Victoria Cross at the age of 47 (written by his son).

At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, he joined the army and went overseas.  Peck became one of Canada's most celebrated and popular battalion commanders (16th Battalion, Canadian Scottish).  Cy Peck was revered by the troops for his conspicuous bravery, his devotion to them and his willingness to fight alongside them in battle after battle, indifferent to the dangers of shot and shell.  He was the rarest of all, an utterly fearless man.

Long after the war an old soldier said of Cy: “He feared nothing that walked or talked.”  Cy's achievements while in service were extraordinary.  He was elected to Parliament in 1917 while serving in the trenches.

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