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In The Trenches, 1914 – 1918


In the Trenches is the recently published story of #57 Frank Iriam, an original member of the 8th Battalion, CEF (Little Black Devils). It is the rough-edged memoir of a scout-sniper who served in the trenches from 1915-1918; fought at Ypres, Mount Sorrel, the Somme, Vimy, all the Canadian Corps major battles. Written in the 1920-30s, Iriam tells a no-nonsense story of the dangers and tactics of a First World War sniper. He talks about rifles (the Ross) and scopes and gives incredible detail of the life of a sniper rarely found in Great War memoirs. He also mentions dozens of comrades, all researchable, which gives the book a strong sense of reality. This book is a unique contribution to Great War literature. It is a really great book. hb with dj, 276 pages.

Edited by Glenn Iriam

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