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The Great War As I Saw It


No one man embodied the spirit of the Canadians in the First World War like Padre Scott. He served with the 1st Canadian Division from the early days at Valcartier, 1914 through to Cambrai, 1918, when the “Old man” was wounded. His chapters on searching for his son’s grave on the Somme, and on trying to stop the execution of CQMS Alexander are Great War classics.

Througout the book the reader senses Scott’s absolute faith in the Hereafter and his unshakable devotion to the honour and rightousness of the British Empire. The Great War was Frederick Scott’s Crusade, and he was the ultimate Crusader. First published in 1924, “The Great War As I Saw It” was immediately received as something special, a symbol of Canada’s sacrifices in the War. The 1999 edition includes a biography and new footnotes.

by Frederick G. Scott, CMG, DSO

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