For Sale: Rare and Used Great War Books

For Sale: Rare and Used Great War Books

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Ref#: 2015-04-01 – CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada, HC; VG; DJ;
The scarce second printing 1964 (with corrections). 621 pg. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War. “Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies.” $175.

Ref#: 2015-04-02 – THE WIPERS TIMES the complete series of the famous wartime trench newspaper. Foreword by Ian HISLOP. 377 p. Little Books, 2006. HC; DJ; VG.
A reproduction of the “Trench” newspaper, which provided a satirical look at the First World War. This title also contains an introduction by Ian Hislop. $45.

Ref#: 2015-04-03 – CANADA’S SONS ON KOPJE AND VELDT: A Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents; MARQUIS, B.A. The Canada’s Sons Publishing Co., Canada, 1900. First Edition; HC; VG;
Includes Nominal Roll and Roll of Honour for Canada in The Boer War. History of Canadian participation in the Boer War, based on despatches of Lt. Col. Otter, and letters and despatches of war correspondents. $55.

This is the collection of my favourite Canadian, Canon Scott’s poems, that he used to read to the Boys when he toured the Front Lines. Everyone knew Scott, and he was the most loved Man in the CEF. This copy is very special as it is SIGNED; ARTHUR LOWE, from F.G. SCOTT, MARCH 24th, 1924. $150.

Ref#: 2015-04-05 – POEMS OF THE WAR AND AFTER; VERA BRITTAIN. The Macmillan Company, 1934. HC; VG; 1st edition; 94 pg.
Collection of primarily Great War poems by one of the most important chroniclers of the War, Vera Brittain. Her Testament of Youth is THE Great War Classic! Includes her poem, The Sisters Buried at Lemnos, to the two Canadian Nurses buried there during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915. VERY RARE AS IS SIGNED BY VERA BRITTAIN. $150.

Ref#: 2015-04-06 – CANADIAN GRENADIER GUARDS REGIMENTAL HISTORY 1760 TO 1964; COLONEL A. FORTESCUE DUGUID Gazette Printing, Montreal, 1965. HC; VG.
Gazette Printing, Montreal, 1965. 520 pg. Regimental history of the CGG, including half the book on their service as the 87th Battalion, CEF, 1914-18. The rest of the book details their role as an Armoured Regiment in the Second War. Great detail, and incredible maps. One of the best histories of a Canadian unit in both wars. 44 maps, many foldout, and appendices including: Chronology, Units, General Orders, Itineraries, Engagements and Commanders, Officers, Battle Honours, Honours and Awards, Establishment, Strength and Reinforcements, Casualties, Roll of the Dead. A very good book. $150.

‘This is one of a special edition of 250 copies of Breath O’ The Heather, published by the MacLean Kilties of America as a souvenir to our friends. Signed by the OC of the 236th Overseas Battalion, (Maclean Kilties of America – Sir Sam’s Own) CEF, on the 3rd Anniversary of the Great War, August 4, 1917.’ HC; MINT; 46 pg. Certainly one of the rarest CEF books (this is the only copy I have ever seen). The Kilties recruited in New England (Boston), and became almost a celebrity unit. This is after the entry of the USA into the war and these Americans chose the Canadians. Many served with Will Bird in the 42nd Battalion (Black Watch), CEF. See Ghosts Have Warm Hands. Profusely illustrated, many Ads, interesting articles. A SUPER RARE BOOK. $325.

Ref#: 2015-04-08 – NEW BOOK! VOICES FROM THE PAST; Canadian Letters from the First World War by Geraldine Chase and Bill Beswetherick; Allan Graphics; SB; 8.5×11; 296 pg.
Amazing collection of letters, diary entries, memoirs, and newspaper articles, covering every aspect of the Canadian Corps. Great book made even better with an introduction by Norm Christie. $35.

Ref#: 2015-04-09 – NEW BOOK! WORLD WAR I; A Monumental History by Robert Konduros and Richard Parrish. Start Me Up Publishing, 2014. HB; 195 pg.
Spectacular full colour photos of hundreds of WWI monuments from across Canada, including much detail and information on these very special tributes to the Great War generation. $35.

Ref#: 2015-04-10 – OVER THE CANADIAN BATTLEFIELDS; JOHN W.DAFOE Thomas Allen, Toronto, 1919. HC.VG;
Dedication to General Sir Arthur Currie, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., The Civilian Commander of the Conquering Canadian Civil Army. Series of articles published in the Manitoba Winnipeg Free Press in April, 1919, re-published as written. Frontispiece black and white illustration “A Landmark of the Canadian Battlefields. These ruined towers of Mont St. Eloi – overlook the battlefields of Vimy Ridge and Arras, and were a familiar landmark to tens of thousands of Canadian soldiers during the war”. $40

Ref#: 2015-04-11 – THE GREAT WAR FROM THE AIR THEN AND NOW; GAIL RAMSEY After the Battle, Battle of Britain International Ltd., Hobbs Cross House, Old Harlow, Essex United Kingdom, 2013. HC; NEW; DJ;
The war of 1914-1918 – the Great War – left great swathes of northern France and western Belgium almost totally obliterated. The destruction wrought by shell-fire was immeasurable and the ground was churned into miles of water-filled shell-holes. The former rich arable land had not only been pulverized but was now contaminated with the detritus of war. Trenches, dugouts, thousands of miles of barbed wire, abandoned equipment, the smashed remains of hundreds of thousands of horses and men and the hidden threat of unexploded shells all created an indescribable landscape. $30

Ref#: 2015-04-12 – CANADIANS IN RUSSIA 1918-1919; ROY MACLAREN; Toronto: Macmillan Company of Canada, 1976. HC; VG; DJ;
1st Edition. ‘The’ classic account of Canada’s participation against the Bolsheviks in North Russia, Siberia and Caucasus, including the incredible Dunsterforce. 301 pg. An important book on a lost piece of Canadian history. $95.

Ref#: 2015-04-13 – THE LAST DAY, THE LAST Osgoode Society HOUR; THE CURRIE LIBEL TRIAL; ROBERT J.SHARPE. Carswell Company of Canada, Agincourt, Ont., Osgoode Law Society 1988. HC; VG; DJ. 271 pg.
Classic account of the most famous Canadian libel trial in Canadian history, in which Sir Arthur Currie sued The Port Hope Evening Guide whose editor had charged that Currie had needlessly wasted lives in his role leading the Canadian Corps in the liberation of Mons. Currie great fight to save his reputation and that of the Canadian Corps. $35.

Ref#: 2015-04-14 – THE C.E.F. ROLL OF HONOUR; 1914-1919; COMPILED AND EDITED BY EDWARD H. WIGNEY; Eugene Ursual, Ottawa, 1996. HC; VG; Oversized.
This is the late Ted Wigney’s ‘must have’ book. It is easily the most complete reference of the Canadian Fatalities of the Great War, and includes Canadians not in the CEF. Uniquely it combines the Book of Remembrance, The CWGC, and may other references. $100.

Ref#: 2015-04-15 – VERDUN; HENRI-PHILIPPE PETAIN; Dial Press, 1930. HC; VG; 1st Edition. English text. 235pg. B/w plates. Fold-out maps. Decorated endpapers.
Classic account of one of the most infamous battles of the Great War, by General Petain, one of the heroes of Verdun. He lost that status in 1940! Great account. $45.

Ref#: 2015-04-16 – PEN PICTURES FROM THE TRENCHES; LIEUT. STANLEY RUTLEDGE. William Briggs, Toronto, 1918. HC; VG; 1st Edition. 1918, 159 pg.
with B/W photograph, Foreword by John A. Paterson, brief sketch of the author, father’s tribute, letters home, etc. A very touching, posthumous period piece. Stanley Rutledge, from Fort William, was a Student at Queen’s University when he enlisted; he served briefly PPCLI, then 28th Battalion, CEF (Saskatchewan), and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, and was killed in a training accident, November 16, 1917. $55.

Ref#: 2015-04-17 – IN THE DAY OF BATTLE; POEMS OF THE GREAT WAR; SELECTED BY CARRIE ELLEN HOLMAN. William Briggs, Toronto, 1918. HC; VG; Third Edition.
Poems by over 80 poets, mostly British and Canadian, including Asquith, Brooke, Oxenham, Sorley, etc. These are the patriotic poems so popular during the war with the soldiers and public. Before the anti-war popularity of Sassoon and Owen. $25.

Ref#: 2015-04-18 – YPRES AND THE BATTLES OF YPRES; ILLUSTRATED MICHELIN GUIDES TO THE BATTLE-FIELDS (1914-1918). Michelin, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 1919; HC; G; 1st Edition.
The very first Guide to the Battlefields around Ypres. It wasn’t that safe to visit in 1919! Great maps, historical overview, and driving tours (in your Model T). Packed with illustrations. $45.

Ref#: 2015-04-19 – AMID THE GUNS BELOW; THE STORY OF THE CANADIAN CORPS 1914-1919; LARRY WORTHINGTON. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1965. HC; VG, DJ; 171 pg.
History of the Canadian Corps, 1914-19 by the Mother of the late Peter Worthington. Very nice copy of an interesting cover of the Canadians, including interviews with Raymond Brutinel father of the CMGC. $25.

Ref#: 2015-04-20 – LEGACY OF VALOUR THE CANADIANS AT PASSCHENDAELE, DANIEL G. DANCOCKS. Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, 1986. HC; VG; DJ; 289 pg.
Passchendaele was one of the most infamous battles of the Great War. In the face of overwhelming odds a skillful and tenacious Canadian force displayed remarkable endurance in capturing and holding Passchendaele ridge. In two weeks the Canadians won nine Victoria Crosses. This is a tribute to the magnificent performance of Canadians. A very nice copy. $20.

A very big book. This lavishly illustrated book marks the 90th anniversary of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and has many beautiful photos of the impressive cemeteries, as well an important outline on the Construction and maintenance of Our Sacred Places. $30.

Ref#: 2015-04-22 – HELL UPON EARTH; A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND SOLDIERS IN THE GREAT WAR, 1914, 1918, J. CLINTON MORRISON, JR. J.C. Morrison, Canada, 1995. SC; G; First Edition. 359 pg.
Bibliography. Index. PEI Roll of Honour. A now very rare book on the Soldiers from Prince Edward Island who fought in the Great War. Well researched great addition to any CEF Library. $125.

Ref#: 2015-04-23 – LEST WE FORGET; THE LIFE AND TIMES OF VETERANS FROM THE PORT AU PORT PENINSULA – WW1, BILL O’GORMAN West Bay Centre, Newfoundland., 2009; SB; VG; Oversize; 266pg.
Extensively illustrated, A military record of 27 Newfoundland families who were resettled from Fortune Bay to Lourdes on the Port au Prince Peninsula in 1934-66. Very interesting look at Newfoundland’s Great War History. SIGNED. $50.

Ref#: 2015-04-24 – FOR THOSE WHO SERVED; MURRAY HESP Ontario: Caledon East and District Historical Society, 2002, 1st Edition, 1st Printing, 2002. SC; VG; about 8 x 11 inches, 203 pg.
b&w photos. Stories and examination of hundreds of Men & Women who served in WWI & WWII from Albion, Mono Mills, Bolton, Caledon East, Nobleton. A fine tribute with some very interesting historical snippets. SIGNED. $30

Ref#: 2015-04-25 – A CROWN OF LIFE: THE WORLD OF JOHN MCCRAE; DIANNE GRAVES Vanwell, St. Catharines, (1997), 1st edition, 1997. 300 pg, HC; VG DJ;
b&w maps, drawings, photos. McCrae served in the South African War before carving out a career as an eminent doctor. It was during the Great War, while serving in 1915 as both an artillery and medical officer in the Second Battle of Ypres, that he wrote his famous poem, In Flanders Fields. Set against a background of nearly half a century of history, (the author) brings alive in fascinating details of John McCrae and his world. $25

Ref#: 2015-04-26 – THE SUICIDE BATALION; JAMES L. MCWILLIAMS & R. JAMES STEEL Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, AB, 1978. HC; VG; DJ;
First Edition. Oral History of the 46th Infantry Battalion (South Saskatchewan Regiment) in the First World War. This is the ONLY coverage that the 46th Battalion received, as there is no Regimental History. A CEF Classic. Includes; endnotes, bibliography, and index. A very nice copy. $30