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Scouting Thrills



George Burdon McKean, VC, MC, MM, was one of Canada’s most decorated heroes of the First World War. McKean enlisted in Alberta in 1915 and joined the 14th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Royal Montreal Regiment) on the Western Front in 1916. He won his Military Medal on the Vimy Sector in the Fall of that year, and his Victoria Cross during a Trench Raid near Gavrelle in April 1918. McKean’s Military Cross was awarded for bravery on September 2nd, 1918 when, although wounded, he single-handedly captured the village of Cagincourt during the storming of the notorious Drocourt-Queant line. Many thought his actions deserved a second award of the Victoria Cross. “Scouting Thrills” is George McKean’s unique memoir of his life in the trenches during the Great War. He tells his story in a detached, almost playful style, indicating a man who fought without fear.

by Captain George B. McKean, VC, MC, MM