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Norm Christie is the author of the For King & Empire book series and host of History Television’s critically acclaimed six part series, For King and Empire, For King And Country, and Battlefield Mysteries, including a two-hour History Television special on Canada’s Lost Battlefields, and another on the Secret Liberators, and the newly released Great War Tour.

Merry Merry Month of May Ypres book sale

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DATE: Sunday, May 28th, 2023
TIME: Noon to 4:00pm
VENUE: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 593
LOCATION: 4026 Old Richmond Road, Bell’s Corners, Free entry & parking.

TOPIC: The Ypres Salient was the most infamous of the Great War Battlefields. Held by Empire Forces from 1914-18, being the target of four major battles it’s legacy lives on. More than 250,000 Commonwealth soldiers died in the Salient, 100,000 are still Missing. Canada lost 16,000 men killed around Ypres. Those interested in history and are in the Ottawa area are welcome to join our History Event. If you have items to sell, trade or buy, bring them along. There will be free tables, and a bar. Let’s save Canadian History!

At 1pm: Michel Gravel will present; Doctor Banting and the Battle of the Drocourt-Queant Line, September 1918.
At 2pm: Norm will present “The Story of the Ypres Salient; The Holy Ground of British Arms. Not to be missed.
Coming Events: SUNDAY: June 25th, and July 30th, 2023

TOURS: Stay tuned for 2023 updates.

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First and Second World War Tours

Find out about opportunities available to you to tour the First and Second World War battlefields and other significant locations with Norm Christie

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Order exclusive Norm Christie DVDs, including the television series Battlefield Mysteries, For King And Empire, and For King And Country

First and Second World War Books

Wide selection of Norm Christie titles, memoires and first-hand accounts of First and Second World War experiences by the people who were there.

“In the Access to History series I’ve found battles and their consequences presented in brief, crisp narratives, supplemented by readable maps and apt quotes of participants, better than I once thought possible.”


Doug Fisher, Legion Magazine
Return to the Canadian battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, either in person or through the many DVDs and books, with renowned military historian Norm Christie as he travels to battlefields, monuments and cemeteries throughout Europe.


Included in all of Norm Christie’s DVDs are interviews and personal accounts as seen by the Canadians who were there, and who remembered and documented their experiences.

Jim Moffet

427 Lancaster Bomber Squadron

Timmins, Ontario

Striking Back

Al Sirois

SOE Agent

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Secret Liberators
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Solving the mystery of Rudyard Kipling’s son

Norm Christie

Military Historian

Norm spent six years with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in England (1990-1993) and in France (1993-1996), including three years as Chief Records Officer.

A metallurgical engineer by trade, Christie has combined his varied background and 20 years of research to produce a unique view into the First World War. Since 1996 he has written 17 books on the Canadian Military History experience in two World Wars.

Norm Christie will be attending or speaking at a number of events throughout the year and is always happy to answer questions on the history of Canadians in the two World Wars, and will also have a full range of books and DVDS available. Check to see if there are any military shows or events scheduled.

The Great War Tour documentary trailer

1992 Jack Kipling Identification

The Jack Kipling identification has been getting a lot of coverage lately. It appears that after only 24 years, the doubters have conceded that the original report from 1992 was, in fact, correct. For those who don’t know, I wrote that report when Record Officer of the CWGC in Maidenhead, England. For YOUR EYES ONLY the report is in this email. It’s odd but I am not mentioned in any of these articles, and no one bothered to contact me (very odd). My feelings are very hurt. If you have any questions please contact me.

Page Scan: kipling1

Page Scan: kipling2

Page Scan: kipling3

Page Scan: kipling4

Page Scan: kipling5

Page Scan: kipling6

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