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Vol. 3 – The Canadians at Vimy, April, 1917


For King & Empire, Vol. 3 (Revised Edition 2002)

This volume deals with the development of the Canadian Corps, from a devastated force after the Somme, to a well-oiled machine ready to take on the strongest German position on the Western Front, Vimy Ridge. On April 9th, 1917 the Canadians struck, and won a fantastic, if improbable, victory at Vimy where they knocked out the Germans before they even knew the fight was on. It was a legendary performance, of International and National significance.

This volume includes an historical Overview of the Battle; a Battlefield Tour of 9 Points (plus a Tour of the Arleux and Fresnoy Battlefields); a list of 24 Cemeteries and memorials where the Canadians killed in Battle are commemorated or buried. Asides in the book include: Mining Warfare, The Vimy Memorial, Notre Dame de Lorette, and the Pilgrimage to Vimy 1936. Profusely illustrated with maps, photos and drawings, and includes a fold-out Tour map at the back of the book.

This volume was included in the TV series, For King & Empire, Eps 3. The DVD covers the battle like the book, and is literally a walking tour.

by Norm Christie

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