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A reprint of the 1917 edition, the book was sub-titled “How A Fighting Kentuckian Won the Thanks of Britain’s King”, (the Canadian version was exactly the same with the exception of the sub-title, which states “a Fighting Canadian…”) and sums up what this work is about. McClintock was one of an estimated 40,000 Americans who served with the Canadians in the First World War. He enlisted with the 87th Battalion Grenadier Guards in Montreal, and served with them in France & Flanders from August 1916 until he was wounded on the Somme in November 1916.


Interestingly, McClintock was the soldier who escorted Canon Scott into No Man’s Land to search for his son’s body (Scott’s son was an officer in the 87th). It is a very detailed book as it mentions names, places and many grim descriptions of trench life. The 2000 edition contains maps, introductory preface, biographies and many photos, a fascinating addition to any First World War library.


by Alaxander McClintock, DCM