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Deadly Mission: Canadian Airmen over Nuremberg


In this volume Dr. Bill Rodney, DFC & Bar takes the reader through the life of a RCAF Bomber crew. Eminently qualified as an Historian but even more so as a high-decorated Bomber pilot, Dr. Rodney explains in exciting detail the training, the flak, the night-fighters and the technology that made Bomber Command the most lethal posting of any airman. The night Ops to Nuremberg in March 1944 was the high-water mark of the Luftwaffe night-fighters. In a terrifying night the Germans shot down 95 Allied bombers and killed more than 500 airmen, including more than 100 Canadians.

WHAT WENT WRONG? Bill Rodney explains the strategies of the air war, and how if the other side got a little advantage it would be catastrophic to the flyers. Nuremberg was one of those nights. Asides include a Roll of Honour for all Canadians killed in the operation, and the special story of Jim Moffatt’s Halifax LV 923 collision with another aircraft. Jim was the lone survivor.

by Norm Christie

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