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Vol. 9 – Other Canadian Battlefields Of The Great War


For King & Empire, Vol. 9 (2007)

This Volume covers three of Canada’s lesser known battles of the Great War; Festubert and Givenchy in 1915 and Hill 70 in 1917. The battles are very different. Festubert and Givenchy were fought in deplorable conditions, with poor planning and minimal artillery support. The results were predictable; heavy losses for no gain. But many lessons were learned. Hill 70 is a complete contrast. It was fought after the great Vimy victory, when the Canadians were functioning like a well-oiled machine. It was a battle well-planned and well-executed by soldiers confident of their abilities and their efficiency. It was the complete opposite of the 1915 battles. It was also Arthur Currie’s first battle as the Commander of the Canadian Corps.

This volume includes historical Overviews of each Battle; a Battlefield Tour of 10 Points (it includes Fleurbaix, where the Canadians first arrived on the Western Front); a list of 29 Cemeteries and memorials where the Canadians killed in Battles are commemorated or buried. Profusely illustrated with maps, photos, biographies and drawings.

This volume was made into a TV show, Lost Battlefields (Hill 70). The DVD covers the battle like the book, and is literally a walking tour.

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