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Sacred Places, Vol.3


Sacred Places; Volume III; France L-Z:

In this Volume the details of 241 Great War cemeteries in France and explained, giving location, historical background and stories of the Canadians buried there.

Covers all CWGC cemeteries that contain one or more Canadian burials, including the large sites to the small churchyards. Covers all units with hundreds of entries for Canadians in the RFC, RNAS, and RAF. It contains at detailed explanation of the Science of The Cemeteries, how to interpret the headstones, the layouts, and the Special memories that are found in most cemeteries.

Plus The History of the Canadian Corps in France, Battalions of the Canadian Corps, Timeline, etc. Includes hundreds of photos. The Companion series to For King & Empire.

Two Examples:

Lampaul Churchyard, S9E

Lampaul is on the Ile D’Ouessant, 25 km off the French Coast, 60 km west of Brest. It contains five Commonwealth graves of men whose remains washed ashore. One is an identified Canadian.

The Reverend Donald McPhail of Perth, Ontario, was the Padre on the HMHS Llandovery Castle. It was sunk by a German U-boat on June 27th, 1918, drowning most of the medical staff, including 14 Canadian Nursing Sisters (Halifax Memorial). Three of those lost later washed up along the Atlantic coast, including Reverend McPhail (SE Corner). See also Les Baraques.

Parentis-En-Born Communal Cemetery

Parentis-en-Born is 34 km south Arcachon, which is 30 km SW of Bordeux, along the Atlantic coast. The cemetery is on the east side of the village. It contains one Canadian burial.

William Heaslip serving with the 57th Coy, CFC, was found dead, January 12th, 1919. There was no investigation as to how he died (NE Corner).

By Norm Christie