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Vol. 2 – The Canadians on The Somme, September – November 1916


For King & Empire; Volume II; (Revised Edition 2007)

This volume tells the story of the participation of the Canadians in one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War, The Somme. In August 1916 the Canadians, now 60,000 strong were ordered to take their part in the Somme Offensive. Losses in the Battle had already exceeded 150,000 and more men were needed to feed the guns, now it was the Canadians turn. In a series of brutal assaults, in September-October 1916 they slowly pushed their line forward against uncut wire, massive gunfire and a tenacious German defense. In the end 25,000 Canadians were killed or wounded. It was a sobering experience that brought the Canadians an opportunity to evaluate the failings of the Campaign, and put the Lessons Learned in practice in the next big fight, Vimy Ridge.

This volume includes an historical Overview of the Battle; a Battlefield Tour of 8 Points; a list of 21 Cemeteries and memorials where the Canadians killed in Battle are commemorated or buried. Asides include: Nationalities, The Odds, Canon Scott’s search for his son, the Vimy Memorial, Lieutenant Frank McGee, and The Tanks. Profusely illustrated with maps, photos and drawings, and includes a fold-out Tour map at the back of the book.

This volume was included in the TV series, For King & Empire, Eps 2. The DVD covers the battle like the book, and is literally a walking tour.

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