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The Great War Tour DVD: Episodes 1 – 7


The Great War Tour with Norm Christie is now available on DVD. The series is 7 hours, and includes two Bonus Episodes not shown on TV. The Episodes are:

Episode 1: Master of War (60 minutes). In this show Norm retraces the path of Canada's greatest Soldier, Arthur Currie, and examines how this General, the most successful General of The Great War, won his brilliant victories, and was later ignored and forgotten.

Episode 2: The Missing (60 minutes): Few realize that 20,000 of the 60,000 Canadians killed in the Great War are Missing. In this Episode Norm shows how we can resolve some of the mysteries of The Missing. It explains the many reasons that so many soldiers simply vanished from the battlefields. There is particular reference to the missing cemetery that contains 44 soldiers of the Canadian Scottish (including William Milne VC), killed April 9th, 1917 on the Vimy battlefield, CA40.

Episode 3: Sacred Places (60 minutes): One of the legacies of The Great War are the 100s of War Cemeteries that mark the old battlefields. As no remains could be repatriated these cemeteries are time capsules that allow us to understand the grief and sacrifice of that period. Norm explains how these incredible cemeteries came about and what each grave and each cemetery tells us about the First World War.

Episode 4: The Vimy Pilgrimage (60 minutes): In July 1936 the largest peacetime armada in Canadian History set sail for France, a grand Pilgrimage for the Unveiling of Canada's National Memorial on Vimy Ridge. The episode chronicles the post-war period, the Veteran's Movement, and the significance of the Vimy Pilgrimage. It was the bitter-sweet swansong of the Great war Generation.

Episodes 5 / 6: Master of War (BONUS! 120 minutes), The Director's Cut. This is a two hour version on Arthur Currie, with many more dramatic sequences explaining the stunning achievements of the greatest General of the Great War.

Episode 7: Granddad's War (BONUS! 60 minutes). Millions of Canadians have Great War roots. This is the story of one Canadian's family's Great War roots, Norm's family. In this Episode Norm explains how to find the answers to questions that were never asked, and then how those roots can be traced to the old battlefields of the Western front. In this unique presentation Norm takes his son and father (a WWII RCAF veteran) back to France and using letters and postcards retraces the path of his Granddad (a driver with the 8th Field Ambulance), and Great Uncle John Christie, MC (PPCLI). Three generations of one family following in the steps of the 4th Generation. What they find is amazing.

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