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Vol. 6 – The Canadians At Cambrai, September – October, 1918


For King & Empire, Vol. 6 (Revised Edition 2004)

The defeat of the German Army at Arras, forced a retreat behind the Canal du Nord, protecting the strategic German transport and communications hub of Cambrai. To defeat the Germans the Canadians would deploy an operation requiring perfect execution and surprise. They would launch a night attack with 60,000 across a narrow piece of the Canal du Nord. Only the Canadian Corps could possibly do it, and they did. They broke the German line and captured Cambrai, and pursued the fleeing German Army to Mons, where the Great War ended.

This volume includes an historical Overview of the Battle; a Battlefield Tour of 8 Points; a list of 27 Cemeteries and memorials where the Canadians killed in Battle are commemorated or buried. Asides in the book include: The Spanish Flu, Mutiny 1919, The Westcott Twins, Mons, The Greatest Dogfight of the War and Per Ardua Astra. Profusely illustrated with maps, photos and drawings, and includes a fold-out Tour map at the back of the book.

This volume was included in the TV series, For King & Empire, Eps 5. The DVD covers the battle like the book, and is literally a walking tour.

by Norm Christie

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