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Vol. 8 – The Canadians at Mount Sorrel, June 2 -14, 1916


For King & Empire, Vol. 8

The Battle of Mount Sorrel or the Canadian Battle of Ypres, was a brief and bloody fight between the Canadians and the Germans over a small piece of the Ypres Salient. Initially the Germans inflicted a major defeat on the Canadians, driving them from hard-won trenches overlooking Ypres with mines and flamethrowers. The Canadians lost two Generals and 5 Colonels in one day. Humiliated by their defeat, the Canadians regained their confidence under their new Commander’s calm, and thorough planning . Only 11 days after their defeat, they struck back, driving off the Germans and regaining the sacred ground of the Ypres Salient. General Byng showed the Canadians that with the right planning, and leadership they could beat anyone. It was a turning point battle for the Canadians and a sign of things to come.

This volume includes an historical Overview of the Battle; a Battlefield Tour of 6 Points; a list of 23 Cemeteries and memorials where the Canadians killed in Battle are commemorated or buried. Asides in the book include: the Mystery of Gordon Blackader, Byng of the Bing Boys, and the Story of the Menin Gate. Profusely illustrated with maps, photos and drawings, and includes a fold-out Tour map at the back of the book.

This volume was made into a TV show, Lost Battlefields (Mount Sorrel). The DVD covers the battle like the book, and is literally a walking tour.

by Norm Christie

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