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SOLD GHOSTS HAVE WARM HANDS by Will R. Bird. Clark, Iwin & Co. 1968. 1st Edition; HC; DJ; VG; 255 pg. The classic Canadian memoir of the Great War. A nice copy of an exceptional book. $50

SOLD THE GREAT WAR AS I SAW IT by Can Frederick George Scott, CMG, DSO. F.D. Goodchild & Co 1922; 1st Edition; HC; G; 328 pg. Memoir of fantastic detail, and covers the Canadians from 1914-1918 by the heart & soul of the Corps, Canon Frederick Scott. $45

A LEGACY OF COURAGE; Calgary’s Own 137th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F. by Fred Bagley and Dr. H. D. Duncan. Plug Street Books 1993; HC; DJ; Vg; 260pg. Study of one of the 260 numbered Battalions that were raised by patriotism in the Great War. Embarkation list, Nominal Roll with Casualties indicated, great photos. $20 [More Info]

GENERAL SIR ARTHUR CURRIE; a Military Biography by A.M.J Hyatt. UTP 1987; HC; DJ; VG; 175 pg. Powerful biography of Canada’s military genius, Arthur Currie. No General in the Great War had Currie’s incredible record of victories. $95 [More Info]

THE GUNNERS OF CANADA; The History of the Royal Regiment of Canadian artillery by G.W.L. Nicholson. McClelland & Stewart 1967; HC; DJ; VG; 478 pg. Nicholson’s classic on the CFA; great maps, Honours & Awards, etc. $45 [More Info]

CANADA’S GREAT WAR; How Canada Helped save the British Empire and Became a North American Nation by Brian Douglas Tennyson. Rowman & Littlefield 2015, HC; NEW; 233 pg. Fascinating look into Canada’s role in the war, and it forced our political and national development. Interesting book. $75 [More Info]

THE BLACK BATTALION, 1916-1920; Canada’s Best Kept Military Secret by Calvin W. Ruck. Nimbus Pub. 1987; 1st Edition; SC; VG; 125 pg. Study of the No. 2 Construction Battalion, Canada’s only unit that was permitted to be ethnic/racial, being an all black unit. Covers many personal stories and follow-ups in the post-war years. $20.00 [More Info]

MERRY HELL; The Story of the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Regiment), Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-19, by Captain Robert N. Clements, MC (edited by Brian Douglas Tennyson). U of T Press, 2013; HC; DJ; VG; 265 pg. History of the25th Battalion, written by Captain Clements, MC, based on his personal memories and experiences. Includes Nominal Roll. Uncommon. $50 [More Info]

SOLD THE PRICE OF GLORY; Verdun 1916 by Alistair Horne. St-Martin’s Press New York, Third Printing, 1963 First Edition, HC; DJ; VG; 371 pg. The classic book on one of the greatest battles of the Great War, Verdun, by that incredible historian, Alistair Horne. The definitive study of that bloodbath that was Verdun. $25

RITES OF SPRING; The Great War and The Birth of the Modern Age, by Modris Eksteins. Bantam Press 1989; 1st Edition; HC; DJ; VG; 396 pg. In my mind one of the very best books on the Great War. Eksteins is a fantastic historian and he weaves all social aspects with military strategies, etc. into a great read. He takes you from the Nijinsky ballet in 1912 to Hitler’s bunker in a seamless fashion. A must read. $25 [More Info]

SOLD WE WENT TO WAR; The Story of the Japanese Canadians who served during the First and Second World Wars by Roy Ito. Canada’s Wings, Inc. 1984; First edition; HC; DJ; VG; 330 pg. Well researched book on the Japanese Canadians who fought in the two World Wars. Great detail on the 250 who fought in the Great War. Interesting book. $25

THE FIGHTING NEWFOUNDLANDER; A History of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment by G.W.L. Nicholson. McGill-Queen’s, 2006 (Reprint of the 1st Edition, Government of Newfoundland 1964). HC; DJ; VG;614 pg. Exceptional history of the Newfoundland Regiment in the Great War from recruiting, and all their infamous battles: Gallipoli, Beaumont-Hamel, Guedecourt, Monchy, Cambrai, etc. Contains Roll of Honour and Honours & Awards.‘THE’ reference book for the Newfoundlanders in the Great War. Great book. $75 [More Info]

AMID THE GUNS BELOW; THE STORY OF THE CANADIAN CORPS 1914-1919; LARRY WORTHINGTON. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1965. HC; VG, DJ; 171 pg. History of the Canadian Corps, 1914-19 by the Mother of the late Peter Worthington. Very nice copy of an interesting cover of the Canadians, including interviews with Raymond Brutinel father of the CMGC. $15 [More Info]

SILENT WITNESSES by HERBERT F. WOOD & JOHN SWETTENHAM; Hakkert, 1974; HC; DJ; VG; 244 pgs. Excellent reference providing full details of Canada’s casualties in two world wars and a guide to the major Memorials & Cemeteries to Canada’s war dead (First and Second World Wars and Korea). Many illustrations in B&W and colour, maps, etc. $30. [More Info]

THE BATTERY; The History of the 10th (St. Catharines Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery. R.James Steel and Capt. John Gill. 10th Field Battery Association; 1996; HC; DJ; VG; 240 pgs. The 10th Field Battery saw action in both world wars, includes lineage, nominal rolls and embarkation lists. SIGNED BY AUTHORS. $40 [More Info]

CANADA’S SONS ON KOPJE AND VELDT: A Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents; MARQUIS, B.A. The Canada’s Sons Publishing Co., Canada, 1900. First Edition; HC; VG; Includes Nominal Roll and Roll of Honour for Canada in The Boer War. History of Canadian participation in the Boer War, based on despatches of Lt. Col. Otter, and letters and despatches of war correspondents. $35 [More Info]

A CROWN OF LIFE: The World of John McCrae by Dianne Graves. Vanwell, St. Catharines, (1997), 1st edition, 1997. 300 pg, HC; VG DJ; b&w maps, drawings, photos. McCrae served in the South African War before carving out a career as an eminent doctor. It was during the Great War, while serving in 1915 as both an artillery and medical officer in the Second Battle of Ypres, that he wrote his famous poem, In Flanders Fields. Set against a background of nearly half a century of history, (the author brings alive in fascinating details of John McCrae and his world. $25 [More Info]

MAPLE LEAF EMPIRE CANADA, BRITAIN, AND TWO WORLD WARS by JONATHAN F.VANCE. Oxford University Press 2012. HC; DJ;VG; Canada’s own unique brand of Britishness evolved over a history of shared military endeavor, as Canadians fought alongside others to defend the ideals that the British Empire was deemed to represent. Vance looks into the military past of both countries. And this, observes Vance, is a two-way relationship: he reminds us that during the two World Wars, close to a million Canadians ravelled to the United Kingdom. In this form of reverse colonialism, Canadians established modest outposts in Britain, and parts of the country were Canadianized. $25 [More Info]

THE WAR DIARY OF CLARE GASS 1915-1918; edited and introduced by SUSAN MANN. McGill-Queen’s,University Press Montreal, 2000. HC. DJ; VG; 306 pg. Clare Gass was born into a Scottish family of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia in 1887. She served overseas with the Canadian Army Medical Corps from May 1915 to December 1918. The book is a compilation of her diaries. Many wartime photographs. Additionally there are 7 appendices $20 [More Info]

HISTORY OF THE CANADIAN GRENADIER GUARDS 1760-1964 by Col. A .F. Duguid. Gazette 1965; HC; Boxed; VG; 520pg. Brilliant history of the CGG through its pre-Canada days, through Boer War, with a exceptional focus on the two World Wars. Great maps, probably the best I’ve seen. Rolls of Honour, Honours & awards, COs, etc. $85 [More Info]

STRETCHER BEARERS, AT THE DOUBLE; History of the Fifth Canadian Field Ambulance which Served Overseas during the Great War, 1914-18 by F.W. Noyes. Hunter Rose 1936; HC; Fair; 340 pg. One of the best Ambulance accounts. Incredible detail, narrative, memoirs of personalities, very powerful. Signed by dozens of old vets, probably from a Reunion. $100 [More Info]

CSEF; Canada’s Soldiers in Siberia, 1918-19 by Jack Skuse. Acces to History Publications 1990; 1st Edition; HC; VG; 149 pg. Story of Canada’s soldiers in Siberia, nominal rolls, etc. No 253 of 350 copies. $100 [More Info]

SILENT BATTLE; Canadian POWs in Germany, 1914-19 by Desmond Morton. Lester Pub. 1992; HC; DJ; VG; 218 pg. Morton’s important study of Canadian POWs, captured at Ypres, Mount Sorrel, amongst other battles. Terrific research. $20 [More Info]

THE NEGLECTED WAR; Mesopotamia 1914-18 by A.J. Barker. Faber 1967; 1st edition; HC; DH; VG; 534 pg. Barker’s classic study of the forgotten campaign in Mesopotamia (Iraq). Hard to imagine a war in the middle east (?). Same places different dates. THE book on this campaign. $30 [More Info]

VISITING THE FALLEN; Arras South by Peter Hughes. Pen & Sword 2015; HC; DJ; NEW; 335 pg. Study of the Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries south of Arras. Many stories of the Fallen, illustrated. $35 [More Info]

SOLD VISITING THE FALLEN; Arras North by Peter Hughes. Pen & Sword 2015; HC; DJ; NEW; 335 pg. Study of the Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries north of Arras, including Vimy. Many stories of the Fallen, illustrated. $35

Doris’ 2017 Merry Christmas Rare & Used Books List

DEC-01 TO ALL OUR CHILDREN; The story of The Postwar Dutch Immigration To Canada by Albert VanderMey. Paideia Press, Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada Second Printing; 2004; HC; DJ;VG; 512 pp. Large book with a lot of photographs, an unique study of the Dutch in Canada. $65 [More Info]

DEC-02 THUNDERBIRDS AT WAR; Diary of a Bomber Squadron by Laurence Motiuk. Larmot Associates, Nepean, Ontario; HC; DJ; VG; 628 pp. Dedicated to the memory of the Thunderbirds who made the supreme sacrifice. $95 [More Info]

DEC-03 WARTIME WRITINGS 1943-1949 by Marguerite Duras. The New Press New York London; 2008; HC; DJ; VG; 296 pp. $12 [More Info]

DEC-04 FARLEY MOWAT; My Father’s Son Memories of War and Peace. Key Porter Books Toronto; 1992; HC;DJ;VG; 341pp. $15 [More Info]

DEC-05 THE ROYAL MONTREAL REGIMENT 1945-1989 by Mr. Allan Patrick LCOL. Roman Jarymowycz CD. The Royal Montreal Regiment Westmount, Quebec 1991; HC; VG; 289 pp. $55 [More Info]

DEC-06 EAGLES ALIGHTING; A history of 1 Australian Parachute Battalion by J.B. ‘Lofty’ Dunn also including an Outline of Parachute Training School and 3 Battalion (Parachute R.A.R.; by J.B. ‘Lofty’ Dunn. Published by 1 Australian Parachute Battalion Association HC; DJ; VG; FIRST EDITION This is a history of the Australian Paratroopers formed in 1942 and becoming 1 Australian Parachute Battalion with a Parachute Training Unit and Mountain Battery Parachute Artillery. 319 pp. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR $175 [More Info]

DEC-07 FOR THOSE WHO SERVED; WORLD WAR 1 1914–1918 WORLD WAR II 1939–1945; encompassing the general area of Albion, Bolton, Caledon East, Kleinberg, Mono Mills, Mono Road, Nashville, Nobleton, Orangeville, Palgrave, Sand hill and Tullamore by Murray Hesp. Ampersand Printing, Guelph, Ontario; 2002; SC; VG; 203 pp. SIGNED BY AUTHOR $30 [More Info]

DEC-08 17H 7TH CANADIAN RECONNAISANCE REGIMENT IN WORLD WAR II; An Historical Account of the 7th Canadian Reconnaisance Regiment (17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars in the World War 1939-1945; by Capt. Walter g. Pavey. Harpell’s Press Co-operative, Gardenvale, Que.; 1948; HC; G; 139 pp. $195 [More Info]

DEC-09 THE HISTORY OF 4 COUNTER MORTAR STAFF ROYAL CANADIAN ARTILLERY 1944-1945. SC; VG; Privately Published c.1945; 23pp. $95 [More Info]

DEC-10 A SHORT HISTORY THE TENTH CANADIAN INFANTRY BDE by Major R.A. Paterson. forward by Brigadier H. P. Bell-Irving DSO OBE. De Jong & Co. – Hilversum; 1945; SC; VG; 78pp. $50 [More Info]

DEC-11 THE ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA (PRINCESS LOUISE’S 1928-1953); Compiled by Officers of the Regiment Edited by Lieut.-Colonel H.M. Jackson, M.B.E., E.D. 1953; HC; VG; 407 pp. $50 [More Info]

DEC-12 HER LAST TRIP by Patrick J. McManus, D.F.C., C.M. The WORDsmith Westport Ontario; No date; SC; VG; 103 pp. Personal memoir of a Halifax crew operating with Coastal Command. SIGNED BY AUTHOR $50 [More Info]

DEC-13 CHINTHE; Royal Canadian Air Force 435 Squadron Burma India 44 – 45. Printed by Diggon-Hibben Limited Victoria, British Colombia, HC; G; 166pp. $50 [More Info]

DEC-14 ARTIST AT WAR by Charles Comfort. Remembrance Books Log House Publishing Company, Pender Island BC; 1995; SB;VG; 201 pp. $10 [More Info]

DEC-15 ATHENE GODDESS OF WAR; The Canadian Women’s Army Corps Their story by W. Hugh Conrod. WM. Macnab & Son Ltd. Halifax, Nova Scotia; HC; DJ;VG; 397 pp. $25 [More Info]

DEC-16 MORE FIGHTING NEWFOUNDLANDERS; A History of Newfoundland’s Fighting Forces in the Second World War by Colonel G.W.L. Nicholson, C.D. Published by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador 1969; HC; DJ; VG; 621pp. $30 [More Info]

DEC-17 ROAD TO FREEDOM SPK 1946-1996 by Edward Soltys, Ph. D. Published by The Polish Combatants Association in Canada Inc; 1997; HC; DJ; VG; History of the Polish Combatants Association in Canada, which was formed by the former soldiers of the Polish Armed Force in the West at the end of World War II. 341pp. $50 [More Info]

DEC-18 BARNES WALLIS; DAMBUSTER by Peter Pugh. Icon Books, UK; 2005; HC;DJ;VG; 200pp. $50 [More Info]

DEC-19 TWO WINGS AND A PRAYER by Bernie Wyatt. The Boston Mills Press, Erin Ontario; 1984; HC;DJ;VG; 136 pp. $25 [More Info]

DEC-20 JOHNNY GURKHA by Duncan Forbes Foreword by Brigadier Sir John Smyth V.C. Robert Hale London; HC; DJ; VG; 208 pp $35 [More Info]

DEC-21 ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR; Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions by Alan D. Zimm. Casemate Publishers; 2011; HC; DJ; VG; 464 pp. $30 [More Info]

DEC-22 HITLER’S WILLING EXECUTIONERS; Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. Random House, Inc, New York.;HC; DJ; VG; 622 pp. Nice copy $20 [More Info]

DEC-23 HITLER’S PRISONS; Legal Terror in Nazi Germany by Nikolaus Wachsmann. Yale University Press; 2004; HC; DJ; VG; 538 pp. $45 [More Info]

DEC-24 THE GENERAL WHO NEVER WAS by Strome Galloway. Mika Publishing Company Belleville Ontario 1981; HC; DJ; VG; 295 pp $25 [More Info]

DEC-25 NO REASON WHY; THE CANADIAN HONG KONG TRAGEDY – An examination by Carl Vincent. Canada’s Wings, Inc. 1981; HC; DJ; VG; 281pp. $30 [More Info]

New Rare Books Winter 2016

NEW! NEWFOUNDLAND IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR by Jenny Higgins.Boulder Publications, 2016, HB, 11in X10in, 85 pg. Profusely illustrated color book on all aspects of Newfoundland’s role in the war; mobilization, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Naval, forestry, aviation, women’s rolls, POWs, post-war. With color inserts. A very nice book. $30. [More Info]

XMas-001 MONS 1914-18; The Beginning and the End by Don Farr. Helion & co., Ltd., 2008. HC, DJ, VG, 233 pg. Excellent book on the battles of Mons in 1914 and its liberation by the Canadians in November 1918. Farr is a balanced historian and gives the Canadians their fair due. Currie and his brilliant strategy gets lots of play as does the controversy that evolved at Port Hope in 1928. $25. [More Info]

XMas-002 HONOUR ROLL of The Nova Scotioa Overseas Highland Brigade by W. James MacDonald. Cape Breton University Press, 2007. SC, 8.5 X 11, VG, 278 pg. Illustrated Roll of Honour for all those from the 85th, 185th, 193rd and 219th Nova Scotia Battalions. Details on each man usually with a photo. A series of fold-outs at the back of the book is unique; copies of documents, telegrams, letters, etc. Nicely done. $25. [More Info]

XMas-003 n/a

XMas-004 VICTORIA CROSS HEROES OF WORLD WAR ONE by Robert Hamilton. Atlantic Publishing, 2015. HC, DJ, VG, 10in X 12in, 384 pg. Superb book on VC heroes of the Great War. Profusely illustrated, very detailed account of each VC winner including the Canadians. Great reference work. $30. [More Info]

XMas-005 NORFOLK REMEMBERS THE GREAT WAR, 1914-18 by Grant Smith. Stewart Publishing, 2014. HC, VG, 8.5in X 11in, 410 pg. Detailed account of the Men of Norfolk County, Ontario, who were killed in the Great War. Profusely illustrated with exceptional detail. A great tribute to the Fallen of Norfolk County. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. $60. [More Info]

XMas-006 CANADA’S NURSING SISTERS by G.W.L. Nicholson. Samuel Stevens Hakkert & Company 1975. HC;DJ;VG; 272 pg. The official History of Canada’s Military Nurses. Covers Boer War, WWI & WWII. Great detail on Great War Service. $30. [More Info]

XMas-007 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada, First Edition, 1962; HC; VG; DJ; 621pp. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War. Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies. $145. [More Info]

XMas-008 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada, HC; VG; DJ; The scarcer second printing 1964 (with corrections). 621 pg. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War. “Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies.” $150. [More Info]

XMas-009 TAPESTRY OF WAR APRIVATE VIEW OF CANADIANS IN THE GREAT WAR; Gwyn, Sandra; HarperCollins Publishers, 1992; HC; DJ; G; First Edition; 552 pp. An important Canadian book on the Great War, with emphasis on the Home front and life at the Front. Agar Adamson’s letters appear here for the first time. Everyone should have a copy of this book. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR . $30. [More Info]

XMas-010 BYNG OF VIMY, Governor General. Jeffery Williams. London: Secker & Warburg, 1983. 1st Edition; HC; DJ; VG. Julian Byng WAS the reason the Canadians became the top troops on the Western Front. He was Currie’s mentor and one of the few open-minded Generals of the Great War. He didn’t leave a memoir, so this is all there is on Byng. Endpaper maps, maps, illustrations, etc. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. $40. [More Info]

XMas-011 AT THE SHARP END; Canadians Fighting the Great War, 1914-16 by Tim Cook. Viking Canada 2007. HC, DJ, VG, 598 pg. The first in Cook’s series on the Great War; covers mobilization, Valcartier, Ypres, Festubert, Givenchy, St. Eloi, Mount Sorrel, Somme. Excellent reference for all Great War enthusiasts. $20. [More Info]

XMas-012 TORONTO GENERAL HOSPITAL 1819-1965; A Chronicle by Dr. W. G. Cosbie. Macmillan of Canada, 1975. HC, DJ, VG, 373 pg. This is a remarkable history of one very highly regarded Toronto hospital. From post-war 1812 through cholera, development of medical schools, changing service roles and much more including extensive appendices.  Excellent Chaprt on the Great War. $30. [More Info]

XMas-013 STORMONT, DUNDAS & GLENGARRY; A History by J.G. Harkness, K.C. Reprint of the 1946 Edition, 1972. Excellent book of the History of Sd&G with details on the Militia and the 154th Overseas Battalion. $25. [More Info]

XMas-014 THE BOOK OF NEWFOUNDLAND; VOLUME VI Edited by Joseph R. Smallwood. Newfoundland Book Publishers, 1967. Over-sized book, Vol. VI in Smallwoods’ classic series. This Vol. covers Newfoundland in the Great War. Covers Beaumont-Hamel and lists The First 500. Scarce $75. [More Info]

XMas-015 THE SILENT DIVISION; NEW ZEALANDERS AT THE FRONT, 1914-19 by O.E. Burton, M.M. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, Australia, 1935. First Edition, HC, G, Ex-Lib, 326 pg. Excellent outline of New Zealand in the Great War; Gallipoli, Somme, Gravenstafel, Bapaume, Cambrai, etc. Great Troops but few know much about them. $65. [More Info]

XMas-016 THE AUSTRALIANS IN NINE WARS; Waikato to Long Tan by Peter Firkins. McGraw Hill, 1971. HC, DJ, VG, 440 pg. Firkins gives an outline of all Australian actions from the Maori Wars , Gallipoli, France, Tobruk, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam. A very good copy. $25. [More Info]

XMas-017 LAWRENCE IN ARABIA by Scott Anderson. McClelland & Stewart, 2013. Unique approach to the famous story. Intertwines four men’s experiences about T. E. Lawrence. BY THE AUTHOR. $25. [More Info]

XMas-018 FIRST DAY ON THE SOMME by Martin Middlebrook, W.W. Norton & Company, 1972. HC, DJ, VG, First US, 346 pg. Still the classic account of July 1st, 1916. Middlebrook’s descriptive account brought Great War history back in the UK. His book was to the Great War what Ken Burns series was to The Civil War. Nice copy. $15. [More Info]

XMas-019 A MORE UNBENDING BATTLE; The Harlem Hellfighters’ Struggle for Freedom in WWI, and Equality at Home by Peter N. Nelson. Perseus, 2007. HC, DJ, VG, 291 pg. Interesting account of the 369th Infantry recruited in Harlem. $15. [More Info]

XMas-020 THE DEFEAT OF IMPERIAL GERMANY, 1917-18 by Col. Rod Paschall, US ARMY. Algonquin Books, 1989. HC, DJ, VG, 247 pg. From Major Battles and Campaigns series. Fascinating analysis of the major battles of 1917 and 1918, including much on strategy and maneuver, and of course attrition. $15. [More Info]

Various authors (see below) and publish dates (all MacMillan & Co., London, UK). In HC, and VG condition, from a private library.

XMas-021-A FRANCE AND BELGIUM, 1918, VOLUME ONE by Brig. James Edmonds, 1935, 569 pg This Vol. covers Jan to March 1918 and included the German Offensive of March 21st, 1918, and March 28th, 1918. Great color maps, sketches and photos. AND APPENDICES VOLUME ONE, 154 pg. $90. [More Info]

XMas-021-B FRANCE AND BELGIUM, VOLUME ONE by Brig. James Edmonds, 1933, 592 pg. This Vol. covers Mons, Retreat to the Seine, The Marne and the Aisne, August to September 1914. $50. [More Info]

XMas-021-C FRANCE AND BELGIUM; APPENDICES 1917 VOLUME ONE, 158 pg, 1940. $40. [More Info]

XMas-021-D TWO VOLUME SET OF PART II; EGYPT AND PALESTINE; FROM JUNE 1917 UNTIL THE END OF THE WAR, Parts I & II, 748 pg by Captain Cyril Falls, 1930. As above incredibly detailed account of the fighting in Palestine (imagine that?), capture of Jerusalem, Beersheba, etc. Imperial Camel, Australian Light Horse, Lowland Scots, etc., involved in the defeat of the Ottomans in the Middle East. Did I mention Lawrence and the Arab Revolt as well? Great maps and fold-out maps at the ends of the Volumes. $100. [More Info]


W-001 THEY SHALL GROW NOT OLD; Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum Inc.; Allison, Les & Hayward, Harry. Leech Printing Ltd. Manitoba, Canada HC; VG; 893 pg. This book has been produced as a Memorial to all those Canadians who took part in the air war 1939-45. It contains a short biography of the over 18,000 airmen, airwomen, and other nationals wearing the uniform of the RCAF, who lost their lives between September 3, 1939 and August 2, 1945. $95. [More Info]

SOLD CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada, HC; VG; DJ; The scarce second printing 1964 (with corrections). 621 pg. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War. “Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies.”

W-003 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada, First Edition, 1962; HC; VG; DJ; 621pp. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War.”Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies. $125. [More Info]

W-004 GANANOQUE REMEMBERS; A TRIBUTE TO THE MEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOM by Geraldine Chase AND Bill Beswetherick. Privately published, 2004, SC; VG; 176pg. Roll of Honour, 1914-18 and 1939-45 for the town of Gananoque, Ontario. Profusely illustrated with photos of the men killed during the Wars. Biographies of 90 soldiers, sailors and airmen. $30. [More Info]

W-005 n/a

W-006 n/a

W-007 THE WOMAN BEFORE WALLIS; PRINCE EDWARD, THE PARISIAN COURTESAN, AND THE PERFECT MURDER by Andrew Rose. Picador New York, 2013, HC; DJ; VG; 336 pg. Although it is about the murder of a Italian Count in the 1920s, allegedly by an Ex-mistress of the Prince of Wales, later and briefly Edward the VIII. The section on Edward’s introduction to the naughty life by members of the Canadian Corps is very, very interesting. The Prince served with the Canadians on and off during the war. $25. [More Info]

W-008 THE BATTLE OF VIMY RIDGE by Alexander McKee. Stein and Day New York, First U.S. Edition, 1967. HC; DJ; VG; 242pg. Perhaps the best study of Canada’s great victory at Vimy Ridge. Nice copy. $20. [More Info]

W-009 AMID THE GUNS BELOW; THE STORY OF THE CANADIAN CORPS 1914-1919 by Larry Worthington. McClelland and Stewart Limited Toronto, 1965. HC; DJ; VG; 171 pg. A study of the battles and development of the Canadian Corps in the Great War. The author, wife of the famous General Worthington (and mother of Peter) uses extensive interviews with the MG master, Raymond Brutinel. A VG copy and SIGNED by the Author. $65. [More Info]

W-010 WILFRID OWEN; A NEW BIOGRAPHY by Dominic Hibberd. Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2002. HC; DJ; VG; 424pg. The definitive study of the great poet, Wilfred Owen, probably the most famous of all Great War poets. Covers his life and war in great detail, culminating with his death on November 4, 1918. $20. [More Info]

SOLD BLOODY APRIL; FOREWORD BY MARSHAL OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE VISCOUNT PORTAL OF HUNGERFORD by Alan Morris. First Edition 1967. HC; DJ; VG; 208 pg. Classic study of the aerial combat during the Arras Offensive, including Vimy ridge, in april 1917. German advances and British strategic aggression put the British airmen at a terrible disadvantage. Nice copy.

W-012 HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR; MEDICAL SERVICES; CASUALTIES AND MEDICAL STATISTICS by Major T. J. Mitchell and Miss G. M. Smith. The Imperial War Museum, in association with The Battery Press. HC; VG; 382 pg. 1997 reprint of the 1931 edition. Stats, stats and more stats. You name it they have a stat for it. For example; 1,988,969 British troops were wounded, and 151,356 died of wounds. It’s for the dedicated WWI historian. $65. [More Info]

SOLD THE GERMAN ARMY AT PASSCHENDAELE by Jack Sheldon, Foreword by Professor Peter Simkins. Pen & Sword Military 2007. HC; DJ; VG; 336pg. The Battle of Passchendaele from the German perspective. Good amount on the Canadian attacks, October-November, 1917.

W-014 SHERWOOD LETT, HIS LIFE AND TIMES by Reginal H. Roy.. University of British Columbia, 1991. HC; DJ; VG; 180 pg. BC Supreme Court justice; officer with the 46th South Sasks, 1917-18; wounded Dieppe & Normandy; involved in War Crimes Trials; served Vietnam, Chancellor UBC, etc. Biography of an incredible Canadian. SIGNED COPY $30. [More Info]

W-015 WE ARE THE DEAD; The Dead of Carleton Place by Larry Gray. General Store Publishing House 2000. SC; VG 349 pg. Roll of Honour for Carleton Place, Ontario. Illustrated, with details on each man killed in the Great War, including three members of the McDiarmid family. Good reference. $30. [More Info]

W-016 n/a

W-017 THE WAR THAT ENDED PEACE; THE ROAD TO 1914 by Margaret MacMillan. Allen Lane 2013. HC; DJ; VG; 739 pg. A fascinating portrait of Europe from 1900 up to the outbreak of World War I. In the first years of the twentieth century, Europe believed it was marching to a golden, happy, and prosperous future. Brings vividly to life the military leaders, politicians, diplomats, bankers, and the extended, interrelated family of crowned heads across Europe who failed to stop the descent into war. $25. [More Info]

W-018 LEGACY OF VALOUR; THE CANADIANS AT PASSCHENDAELE, DANIEL G. DANCOCKS. Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, 1986. HC; VG; DJ; 289 pg. Passchendaele was one of the most infamous battles of the Great War. In the face of overwhelming odds a skillful and tenacious Canadian force displayed remarkable endurance in capturing and holding Passchendaele ridge. In two weeks the Canadians won nine Victoria Crosses. This is a tribute to the magnificent performance of Canadians. A very nice copy. $20. [More Info]

W-019 HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL OF NURSING OF THE MONTREAL GENERAL HOSPITAL by H. E. MacDermot. The Alumnae Association Montreal 1940, The Southam Printing Company Limited Montreal 1961 included a booklet MONTREAL GENERAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 1962-1972. HC; VG; 152pg. $25. [More Info]

W-020 WARLORDS; BORDEN, MACKENZIE KING AND CANADA’S WORLD WARS by Tim Cook. Allen Lane 2012 HC; DJ; VG; 472 pg. Cook’s study of Canada’s leadership (orlack of) in the two World Wars. $20. [More Info]


A-001 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada, HC, DJ; first Edition, 1962; 621pp. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War.”Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies. Up to $150. [More Info].

SOLD THE ADVENTURES OF DUNSTER FORCE by MAJOR-GENERAL L.C. DUNSTERVILLE C.B.,C.S.I. Edward Arnold & Co, London, 1932.HC; VG; 322pg. Excellent account of undercover operations in the southern Caucasus, Baku and the Caspian Sea region. Map end papers of Iran, etc. Memoir of the top secret British expedition including 50 decorated Canadian NCOs, ANZAC and British troops to the Caucususto frustrate the export of the Bolshevik revolution. General Dunsterville is better known as the inspiration for Kipling’s ‘Stalky’. Great Story.

A-003 REPORT OF THE MINISTRY; OVERSEAS MILITARY FORCES OF CANADA 1918. London 1918. HC; G; 533pg. Frontispiece illustrated with full page plate.Further illustrated with 30 more plates and 13 sketches and maps, some fold out maps. The resource book for the CEF in 1918; great details on operations, units, YMCA, stats, etc. Incredible reference.$100. [More Info].


A-005 THE C.E.F. ROLL OF HONOUR; 1914-1919; COMPILED AND EDITED BY EDWARD H. WIGNEY; Eugene Ursual, Ottawa, 1996. HC; VG; Over-sized. This is the late Ted Wigney’s ‘must have’ book. It is easily the most complete reference of the Canadian Fatalities of the Great War, and includes Canadians not in the CEF. Uniquely it combines the Book of Remembrance, The CWGC, and may other references. $100. [More Info].

A-006 CANADIAN WAR POSTERS; Posters from the First and Second World Wars, by MARC H.CHOKO. Worth Press, 2012. HC;DJ; VG; 192 pg. Fantastic book of Canadian War Posters, all in colour! With historical descriptions, etc. This is the very best book of this type. $20. [More Info].

A-007 n/a

A-008 CANADIAN CORPS 1914-1934; A Record in Word of the Canadian Corps Reunion, August 4-6, 1934, Toronto; Edited by Canon F.G.Scott, CMG, DSO. Canada Canadian Veteran Associates, 1934. HC; VG; Large Format; 87 pg. The Official book of the incredible Canadian Corps Reunion at the CNE in 1934. More than 80,000 veterans attended this ephemeral event. Great illustrations; Sermon by Canon Scott. This is a brilliant book. VERY RARE HC EDITION.$95. [More Info].

SOLD THE EPIC OF VIMY Murray, W. W.; The Legionary, Ottawa, 1936; HC; G; 223 pg. Published by The Legionary, official magazine of the Canadian Legion. Presents a record of the Vimy Pilgrimage for the unveiling of the national memorial in 1936.Includes a nominal roll of the 6400 Pilgrims who sailed on the Pilgrimage ships from Canada.

A-010 FROM B.C. TO BAISIEUX; GOULD, L.McLeod.Thos. R. Cusack Presses, Victoria, B. C., 1919. FIRST EDITION; HC; G. “Being the Narrative History of the 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion, 1914-19.” 102nd (North British Columbians – served in the 4th Canadian Division from August, 1916 to the end of the war. Includes Nominal Roll with addresses, details, etc. of each soldier.Pages and endpapers age-tanned. $80. [More Info].

A-011 THE STORY OF THE FIGHTING 26TH by R.W.GOULD AND S.K.SMITH. The Montreal Standard, Second Edition; Fair, SB; 151/4 inches; circa 1918; 48 pgs, ( incl. 8 pgs of adverts at rear). Front Cover torn, but contents good. Profusely illustrated, many portraits, nominal roll, etc., and photos. It is the history of the 26th Battalion, CEF, who served with the 2nd Division, 1915-19. Contains reprints of newspaper accounts of unit’s activities and a nominal roll of members and addresses of next of kin, etc.Scarce. $65. [More Info].

A-012 TO THE THUNDERER HIS ARMS “THE ROYAL CANADIAN ORDNANCE CORPS”. W.F. Rannie, Lincoln, Ontario, 1984.SC; VG; First Edition; 360pg.Some black and white photographs.The history of the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, with details on the First & Second World Wars.List of Casualties and Honours& Awards. $20. [More Info].

A-013 SHOCK TROOPS; Canadians Fighting the Great War by TIM COOK. Penguin; 2009;SC; VG; 726pg. Very nice copy of Cook’s History of the Canadian Corps, 1917-18,including Vimy, Arleux, Fresnoy, Hill 70, Passchendaele, and The Hundred Days; Amiens, Arras , Cambrai, and Mons. DEDICATED& SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. $40. [More Info].

A-014 OFFICERS OF THE CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE WHO DIES OVERSEAS 1914-1919, NORM CHRISTIE. Eugene G. Ursual, Ottawa, On, 1989. HC; DG; NEW; First Edition; 116 pg. Illustrated. Full list of officers of the C.E.F. who died overseas, where they are buried and date of death.Norm’s first book.SIGNED. $20. [More Info].

A-015 SECOND TO NONE; The Fighting 58th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force; by KEVIN R. SHACKLETON. THE Dundurn Group 2002.SC; VG; 362 pg. History of the 58th Battalion, Central Ontario Regiment, C.E.F. The 58th served in the 3rd Canadian Division 1916-18, and fought at Mount Sorrel, Somme, Vimy, Passchendaele, and The Hundred Days. Includes Honour Roll.Compiled from Diaries and letters. $15. [More Info].


B-001 n/a

B-002 THE DANGER TREE MEMORY, War and the Search for a Family’s Past by DAVID MACFARLANE. MacFarlane Walter &Ross, Toronto, Canada, 1991.HC; VG; DJ; 224 pgs. This is the family saga of the Goodyears of Newfoundland, and there heroic service and terrible losses in the Great War. The sons served and suffered in the Newfoundland Regiment. A touching converging paths story. How do you find the answers to questions that were never asked? Illustrated with b/w photos. $10. [More Info].

B-003 VETERANS OF THE NORTH by Francis Patey. Creative Publishers, 2003.SB; VG; 326 pgs. A book of pictures and stories of war veterans from the Great Northern Peninsula and coastal Labrador who fought in World War I, World War II, as well as the Korean and Gulf Wars. $30. [More Info].

B-004 PILGRIMAGE: A guide to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in World War One; Revised Edition by W. David Parsons. DRC Publishing, 2009. PB; New; 182 pg. Excellent Guide to the Trail of the Caribou, including all battlefields,casualties, cemeteries and Gallantry awards. $18.95. [More Info].

B-005 MEMOIRS OF A BLUE PUTTEE; The Newfoundland Regiment in World War One by A.J.Stacey, revised 2nd Edition. DRC Publishing, 2012; PB; New; 279 pg. Regimental history and biography of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment by one of the few survivors of Beaumont Hamel during World War I. Of the 780 men who went forward only about 110 survived unscathed, of whom only 68 were available for roll call the following day. For all intents and purposes the Newfoundland Regiment had been wiped out, suffering 90% casualties. [More Info].

B-006 LETTERS OF MAYO LIND; Newfoundland’s Unofficial War Correspondent, 1914-16 by Francis T. Lind. CRP Publishing, 2001. Pb; VG; 159 pg. Frank Lind volunteered in 1919 when the Great War broke out. He was then thirty-five years old and could have qualified to be exempted. However, he joined the First Newfoundland Regiment (later to become the Royal Newfoundland Regiment). His letters home to The Daily News gave his view of the war through initial sign-up, training, in battle at Gallipoli, ending just two days before his final battle at Beaumont Hamel on July 1 st. 1916. $20. [More Info].


C-001 THREE DAY ROAD by JOSEPH BOYDEN. Weidenfeld& Nicholson 2005. HC; DJ; VG; First Edition; 354 pg. Boyden’s classic Great War about a Canadian Indian sniper. Regarded as an exceptional novel of the War. DEDICATED & SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. $95. [More Info].

C-002 SOLDIER OF QUEBEC (1916-1919); Lapointe Arthur (Translated By R.C. Fetherstonhaugh); Editions Edouard Garand, Montreal, 1931; PB; First English Edition; 116 pp. Wartime diary of service in WWI France Written in Diary Form, starting in Valcartier Camp in 1916. Lapointe was a Lieutenant with the 22nd French Canadian Battalion (Van-Doos), C.E.F, and was later a Canadian member of parliament. One of very few memoirs by a French-Canadien. $30. [More Info].

C-003 THE JOURNAL OF PRIVATE FRASER 1914-1918 CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY; Roy, Reginal. H. CEF BOOKS 1998; PB; VG; 334 pp. Private Donald Fraser describes the hardships of serving with the 31st (Calgary – Battalion in one major WWI battle after another. He was at St Eloi, Mt. Sorrel, The Somme, Vimy, Hill 70 and Passchendaele, where he was wounded seriously enough that his comrades expected him to die. SIGNED BY DR. REGINALD ROY. (Reg passed away in 2012). $75. [More Info].

SOLD LET US REMEMBER LIVELY LETTERS FROM WORLD WAR ONE by PERCY L. CLIMO. Hayes Printing, Cobourg ON, 1990. First Edition; HC; DJ; VG; 322pg. Divided into several parts, the first being a reprint of the 1915 ‘With The Canadian Contingent’ as well as letters from the soldiers that appeared in the Cobourg World, a list of Victoria Cross Winners, the Coburg Battery etc. Also includes a collection of World War One letters written by soldiers from Cobourg and area, and published in the newspaper “The Cobourg World” from 1914-1919. Extra materials about the First Canadian Siege Battery Reunion in 1966, and biographical details of Capt. Charles Smith Rutherford, VC, MC, DCM of the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles unit. Indexed. B&W Photographs Extra materials about the First Canadian Siege Battery Reunion in 1966, and biographical details of Capt. Charles Smith Rutherford, VC of the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles unit. Indexed.

C-005 ADVENTURE by MAJOR GENERAL THE RT. HON. J.E.B. SELLY. William Heinemann Ltd. London. 1932. HC; G (small split on spine); 326 pg. The Author’s military experiences before and during the Great War and including the Boer War, Curragh Incident.Seely commanded the Canadian Cavalry Brigade from its formation in Jan. 1915 until May 1918. Best description of the Charge of Flowerdew’s Squadron at Moreuil Wood. Seely’s connections helped secure three VCs for the Cavalry Brigade. $40. [More Info].

C-006 n/a

C-007 TAPESTRY OF WAR, A PRIVATE VIEW OF CANADIANS IN THE GREAT WAR; Gwyn, Sandra; Harper Collins Publishers, 1992; HC; DJ; G; First Edition; 552 pp. An important Canadian book on the Great War, with emphasis on the Home front and life at the Front. Agar Adamson’s letters appear here for the first time. Everyone should have a copy of this book. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR $30. Unsigned Copies $12. [More Info].

C-008 CANADA IN FLANDERS: VOL. 1 OF THE OFFICIAL STORY OF THE CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE by SIR MAX AITKEN, M.P. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd., Ont., Canada. HC; DJ; F; 243pg. Very good copy with DJ of Beaverbook’s (Aitken) first volume as Canada’s Official Witness. Covers Ypres, Fleurbaix, Festubert, Givenchy. After100 years still a great reference. $15. [More Info].

C-009 n/a

C-010 WHEN I WAS YOUNG by RAYMOND MASSEY. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1976. HC; DJ; VG; 269 pg. When Raymond Massey was born, his family was at the pinnacle of Toronto society. Raymond was driven the two short blocks to school every morning by the family coach man.With an actor’s gift of photographic memory, Raymond recalls this early life in brilliant detail. Nor does he neglect the grim realities of the age: the tragic, early death of his mother, the outbreak of the Great War — fighting in the trenches, suffering shell-shock, ending up with the Canadian army in Siberia–are especially harrowing. $12. [More Info].

C-011 VIMY by PIERRE BERTON.McClelland & Stewart, 1986. HC; DJ;VG; 336 pg. Berton’s account of our most famous battle. $10. [More Info].

C-012 GIVE YOUR OTHER VOTE TO THE SISTER, by DEBBIE MARSHALL. University of Calgary Press, 2007.PB; New.The story of Roberta MacAdams, the first woman elected to the Alberta legislature. Not only did she run while serving as a nursing sister overseas during the Great War, but over 90% of her electors were men. Describes MacAdam’s journey overseas, her work at a hospital in London, and the personal sacrifices she endured during the war. It also chronicles Debbie Marshall s own journey to reclaim MacAdam’s life, one that took her across Canada, England and France. $25. [More Info].

SOLD OVER THE CANADIAN BATTLEFIELDS; JOHN W.DAFOE Thomas Allen, Toronto, 1919. HC.VG; Dedication to General Sir Arthur Currie, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., The Civilian Commander of the Conquering Canadian Civil Army. Series of articles published in the Manitoba Winnipeg Free Press in April, 1919, re-published as written. Frontispiece black and white illustration “A Landmark of the Canadian Battlefields. These ruined towers of Mont St. Eloi – overlook the battlefields of Vimy Ridge and Arras, and were a familiar landmark to tens of thousands of Canadian soldiers during the war”.

C-014 IN THE DAY OF BATTLE; POEMS OF THE GREAT WAR; SELECTED BY CARRIE ELLEN HOLMAN. William Briggs, Toronto, 1918. HC; VG; Third Edition.Poems by over 80 poets, mostly British and Canadian, including Asquith, Brooke, Oxenham, Sorley, etc. These are the patriotic poems so popular during the war with the soldiers and public. Before the anti-war popularity of Sassoon and Owen. $20. [More Info].

C-015 WHY STAY WE HERE? Odyssey of a Canadian officer in France in World War I; by GEORGE GODWIN. Godwin books c1998. SC; VG; 222 pg. Reprint of 1930 His second book of fiction, a story of the soldiers in World War I. $30. [More Info].

C-016 FROM A STRETCHER HANDLE; The World War I Journal and Poems of Pte. Franck Walker; Edited by Mary F. Gaudet. Institute of Island Studies 2000. SC; VG; 142 pg. A unique collection of letters and poems of a Canadian Stretcher-Barrier (No 1 Canadian Field Ambulance).From 1914 to 1918. $20. [More Info].

C-017 IT MADE YOU THINK OF HOME; THE Haunting Journal of DEWARD BARNES, Canadian Expeditionary Froce: 1916-1919; by BRUCE CANE. The Dundurn Group 2004. HC; DJ; VG; 318 pg. Author has combined Barnes’ journal with official accounts of events, one of which being Barnes’ participation in the firing squad that executed Private Harold Lodge for desertion, an event that changed Barnes forever. Only memoir of the 19th Battalion, CEF of the 2nd Canadian Division. $25. [More Info].

C-018 VANIER Soldier, Diplomat & Governor General; by ROBERT SPEAIGHT. Collins 1970.HC; DJ; VG; 488 pg. Biography of Canada’s famous Diplomsat and Soldier. Great focus on WWI, during which he was a DSO and MC. He was critically wounded in the disastrous attack of the 22nd Battalion, 2nd Canadian Division, at Cherisy, August 1918. $12. [More Info].

C-019 AL PLUNKETT, THE FAMOUS DUMBELL by PATRISE EARLE. Pagent Press, NY, 1956. HC; Chipped DJ; VG; FIRST EDITION; 107 pgs.Biography of Plunket of the famous entertainment Troup, The Dumbells. Contains lists of all those serving in the Troup, and casts for various shows, etc. $60. [More Info].

C-020 ARMS AND THE MAPLE LEAF; Memories of Canada’s Corps 1918 by WILFRED BRENTON KERR. The Huron Expositor Press, 1943.FIRST EDITION; SB; VG; 94 pgs.Volume two of the author’s memoirs, recording his second year of war, 1918; the year of Canada’s greatest Successes. He served with the Canadian Field Artillery, 1917-18. Graduate of the University of Toronto, later Professor of History at the University of Buffalo. One the scarcest Canadian memoirs of the Great War. $125. [More Info].

C-021 HAIG’S COMMAND A REASSESSMENT by DENIS WINTER. Pen & Sword, 2004.PB; VG; 362 pgs. Winter’s books on the Great War are all outstanding. Death’s Men and First of the Few should be required reading for all Great War enthusiasts. Haig’s Command is the very best book on the British Command, one that justly examines the Generals and their performance (in our opinion). Using evidence that the documents from which previous histories have been written are tampered-with and often entirely rewritten versions. Winter even discusses the outstanding performance of the Dominion Troops and includes Currie and the Australian Monash. This book is not for Haig apologists! $12. [More Info].

C-022 THE WAR ON HOSPITAL SHIPS, 1914-1918. Stephen McGreal . Pen and Sword ; 2008. HC; DJ; VG; 272pg., Account of the German U-Boat campaign against unarmed Hospital Ships & the British response. Some emphasis on the Llandovery Castle, the Canadian Hospital ship, lost to a U-boat in June, 1918. Fourteen Canadian Nursing Sisters were lost. Rolls of Honour and Appendices. $25. [More Info].

C-023 NEW BOOK! VOICES FROM THE PAST; Canadian Letters from the First World War by Geraldine Chase Bill Beswetherick; Allan Graphics; SB; NEW; 8.5×11; 296 pgs. Amazing collection of letters, diary entries, memoirs, and newspaper articles, covering every aspect of the Canadian Corps. Great book made even better with an introduction by Norm Christie. $35. [More Info].

SOLD BLACK ICE; The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895-1925 by George and DarrilFosty. Nimbus Publishing, 2008.SB; VG; 264 pgs. Unusual book, primarily focused and Black Hockey League, but has an interesting chapter of the Great War.


D-001 THE SPIDER WEB, The romance of a flying–boat war flight by P-I-X (Major T.D. Hallam, DSC & 2 Bars, Royal Naval Air Service). William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh; 1919.First Edition; HC; VG; 290pgs.The story of the Canadian, Major T. D. Hallam, DSC & 2 Bars, RNAS. Hallam learned how to fly at the Curtiss School in 1914, later he enlisted in a machine gun section in the first Canadian contingent, transferred as a sub-lieutenant in the RNVR serving with an armoured car detachment to the RNAS (wounded Gallipoli), and in 1915 returned to the Hendon Air Station as acting Flight Lieutenant. He was posted to Felixstowe and became Commanding Officer of the War Flight in 1917. DSC for sinking a U-Boat..One of Canada’s` greatest flyers. $95. [More Info].

D-002 THE WING; RAF FELIXSTOWE; CHRISTMAS 1918 VICTORY, ANNIVERSARY & SOUVENIR NUMBER; November –December, 1918. SC; VG; 94 pgs. Commemorative booklet on operations of the Felixstowe RAF Air Base; Profusely illustrated, great ads, photos of captured U-Boats, etc. Great period piece.Very rare. SIGNED BY “HALLAM’” being Major T.D. Hallam, DSC & Two Bars, RNAS (see above). $90. [More Info].

D-003 VETERAN AND VINTAGE AIRCRAFT; The world’s preserved aircraft – where they are – what they look like- who owns them; Compiled by LESLIE HUNT. Garnstone Press 1974; Fourth Revised Edition. HC; VG; DJ; 336 pg. A fascinating book regarding where to find the world vintage aircrafts includes the Fokker DVII in Knowlton Quebec. $25. [More Info].


E-001 A CORNER OF A FOREIGN FIELD; The Illustrated Poetry of the First World War; Selected by Fiona Waters. Atlantic Publishing,2007; HC; DJ; VG; 192 pg. An excellent collection of Great War poems, each fully illustrated with photos from the Daily Mail. Includes; McCrae, Britain, Owen, Rosenberg; Seeger, Graves, Brooke, etc. A great Xmas present. $20. [More Info].

E-002 TESTAMENT OF YOUTH, Vera BrittainAn Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900-1925; by Vera Brittain. Victor Gollancz; Seventh Impression, 1933; HC; G. In my mind the most important Great War book. Tells the story of a young English girl, and what happened to her, her friends and family during the war. Made into a Masterpiece Theatre five hour presentation in 1979. Everyone should read this book. $40. [More Info].

SOLD WE HOPE TO GET WORD TOMORROW; The Garvin Family Letters, 1914-1916; Edited & Presented by Mark Pottle and John G. G. Ledingham. Frontline books, London 2009. HC; DJ; VG; 280 pg. This fascinating collection of letters traces the exchanges between a young subaltern on the front, Gerard ‘Ged’ Garvin, and his mother and father at home. Correspondence was eagerly awaited by all. Gedsavoured letters home like ‘Jim Hawkins trickling the doubloons through his fingers’. Equally, his mother and father at home were always fearful that each letter they received would be the last. In a letter J. L. Garvin sent to his son 21 July 1916 he wrote: ‘Of course there’s no fresh letter from you and we didn’t expect it. But we hope, all the same, to get word tomorrow .’Ged was killed the very next day. He was just twenty years old. $15. [More Info].

E-004 VERDUN by Marshal Phillipe Petain. The Dial Press; 1930.HB; VG; 235 pgs.The famous Marshal’s own view on the infamous battle that brought him to the forefront of Great War Generals.Didn’t do so well in the Second War. $20. [More Info].

E-005 DIARIES & LETTERS OF KAETHE KOLLWITZ edited by her son, HANS KOLLWITZ. Henry Regnery Co. Chicago 1955. HC; VG ; 210 pg with 48 single page black &white plates. One of the great German Expressionist artists, Kaethe Kollwitz wrote little of herself. But her diary, kept from 1900 to her death in 1945,and her brief essays and letters express, as well as explain, much of the spirit, wisdom, and internal struggle which was eventually transmuted into her art. She is best known for her statues of The Grieving Parents in Vladso German Cemetery, Belgium. Nice Copy. $30. [More Info].

E-006 SIBERIAN GARRISON by RODION MARKOVITS. Horace Liveright, New York, 1929. HC; VG; 1st US Edition; 407pg. “A young lawyer in Budapest, with a wife and infant child, has just recovered from an illness and is looking for a job when the World War breaks out. He is accepted, goes to the front, is captured by the Russians, and, in company with thousands of German and Austrian prisoners, is sent from one prison camp to another, finally landing in Siberia. There, for almost six years, he stays in the Camps. Interesting. $20. [More Info].

E-007 FIRST WORLD WAR IN THE AIR by PHIL CARRADICE. Amberley, 2012.SC; VG; First edition; 192pg. The four years between 1914 and 1918 saw an incredible growth in air power. Beginning with the flimsy early aircraft, seemingly held together just by string and fabric, the author paints a picture of a bygone era when nobody knew quite what could be achieved, or how aircraft could be used. The air aces, the castor oil and the sudden rattle of machine guns, the Dawn Patrol, Zeppelin raids, dogfights and acts of supreme valour are all here. In wonderful detail, this is the story of how brave young airmen took their lives in their hands and pushed the boundaries of courage and knowledge to the limits. $20. [More Info].

E-008 GALLIPOLI MEMORIES by COMPTON MACKENZIE. Cassell London, 1929. First Edition; HC; VG;401pg. Author served on Ian Hamilton’s staff during abortive campaign as intelligence officer. It is a classic account of one of the most dramatic campaigns of the First World War. Very nice copy. $40. [More Info].

E-009 THE ZEEBRUGGE RAID; by PHILIP WARNER. Pen & Sword Military 2008.HC; DJ; VG; 238 pg. Reprint of Warner’s 1978 classic account of the famous raid on Zeebrugge Mole. $15. [More Info].

E-010 A SUBALTERN’S WAR (Somme 1916- Ypres, 1917 – by Charles Edmonds. Peter Davies Ltd, 1929; 2nd Impression; HB; VG;; 224 pgs. One of the Great War Classics. A memoir of the Great War from the point of view of a romantic young man, with candid accounts of two particular battles, written shortly after they occurred, and an essay on militarism. With illustrations from official photographs.VERY RARE WITH DJ. $65. [More Info].

E-011 INTIMATE VOICES FROM THE FIRST WORLD WAR; Edited by Svetlana Palmer and Sarah Wallis. Harper Collins 2003.HC; DJ; VG; 381 pg. Excerpts from recently uncovered letters and diaries of those on the front lines and their friends at home. In their reflections on the vastness of the enterprise of war, these combatants and eyewitnesses re-create the scope of the conflict Written with the frankness and intimacy of words not intended f or public eyes – full of private passions, prejudices, humor, and vivid insights. $12. [More Info].



Published by HMSO.SB; VG.Very Rare and unusual.

SOLD 1919-1920 First Report of the IWGC. SC; A5; 16 pg. The very first Report on the making of the War Cemeteries.Historically significant.

F-001B 1921-1922 Third Report of the IWGC. 14 pages; SB; F; UK Legal size.Covering grave registrations; expenditures; cemetery construction throughout the world; memorials to the missing, amounts paid by each member government.With some writing on the report. $40. [More Info].

F-001C 1922-23 Fourth Report of the IWGC. 19 pages; SB; VG; UK Legal Size. Great detail on Graves registered, annual budgets; finances; construction work throughout the world; discovery of remains (6,107 during this period); land acquisition; each country’s contribution, etc. $40. [More Info].

F-001D 1923-1924 Fifth Report of the IWGC. 44 pages; card covers; VG. 18 pages of B&W photographs. As with the other years, incredible detail on the development of the cemeteries during the year; discovery of remains (4,074 found of which 730 were identified), cemeteries & memorials completed, budgets; contributions, staffing, etc. $40. [More Info].


sb; vg; pages vary. It’s very unusual to find the original registers. $25 ea.

F-002A 1928 FRANCE 691-698 Fouquescourt Group of Cemeteries. Includes Battle of Amiens Canadian Cemeteries; Fouquescourt, Manitoba, Vrely, Damery, etc. 100s of Canadian burials, including Lieut, Tait, VC. [More Info].

F-002B 1924 FRANCE 81 Villers Station Cemetery. One of the most important Vimy cemeteries contains more than 1,000 Canadian Graves. [More Info].

F-002C 1925 FRANCE 185-187; Namps au Val, etc. Contains the cemetery where Gordon Flowerdew, VC, is buried. [More Info].

F-002D 1927 FRANCE 36-362; Bouchoir New British Cemetery, Warvillers Churchyard, etc.Contains 250 Canadian entries from the Battle of Amiens; including the famous sniper, Henry Norwest. [More Info].

F-002E 1927 FRANCE 421-2; Vis en Artois and Eterpigny British Cemeteries. Contains 600 Canadian entries from the Battle of Arras and the D-Q Line. [More Info].

F-002F 1924 FRANCE 160-61; Bully Grenay Communal Cemeteries, British and French Extensions. Contains more than 170 Canadian entires from the summer of 1917. [More Info].

F-002G 1924 FRANCE 157-159; Louez Military, Harbarcq Communal Cemetery Extension, Warelus Communal Cemetery.Louez contains 50 Canadian burials from the early days on the Vimy Front. $20. [More Info].

F-002H 1929 FRANCE 760-764; Iwuy Communal, Niagara, Noyelles sur Sellle, Thun L’Eveque Communal Cemeteries. Niagara is the most significant cemetery for the the 2nd Divisional attack October 11. Contains 172 Canadian burials including Wallace Algie, VC. $20. [More Info].

F-002I 1923 FRANCE 53-57; Haute-Avenses British, Dainville British, Dainville Communal, Wanquetin Communal and Extension. Contains details on 100 Canadian burials, including Joseph Kaeble, VC of the 22nd Battalion, and graves of 3rd CMGC killed in German air raid in 1918. $20. [More Info].

F-002J 1928 FRANCE 424-425; Crucifix Corner and Hangard Communal Cemetery Extension. Contains 150 Canadian burials from August 8-9, 1918. $20. [More Info].


G-001 n/a

G-002 n/a


H-001 THE CANADIANS THOSE WHO SERVED IN SOUTH AFRICA by GARY A. RONCETTI, C.D. & EDWARD E. DENBY. Edward E. Denby& Associates.HC; VG; 248 pg. copy90 of a limited edition of 1000 copies.“The names, units, campaigns and casualties of the Canadian Contingent, as well as the rolls of the Canadians who served in the South African Constabulary.”The most important reference on Canadian Boer War medals. SIGNED. $125. [More Info].


I-001 BANNERMAN CATALOGUE OF MILITARY GOODS – 1927. DBI Books, 1980. SC; G; Large format 370 pg. Reprint of the 1927 Bannerman Catalog showing firearms, edged weapons, uniforms, medals, etc. Covers all periods. $30. [More Info].