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A01) THE GREAT WAR AS I SAW IT by Can Frederick George Scott, CMG, DSO. F.D. Goodchild & Co 1922; 1st Edition; HC; VG; 328 pg. Memoir of fantastic detail, and covers the Canadians from 1914-1918 by the heart & soul of the Corps, Canon Frederick Scott. “The” CEF Memoir. Exceptionally nice copy. $95.00. [More Info]

A02) As Above; G; $75.00 [More Info]

A03) As Above; G; minor Library markings; $65.00 [More Info]

A04) GHOSTS HAVE WARM HANDS by Will R. Bird. Clark, Iwin & Co. 1968. 1st Edition; HC; DJ; VG; 255 pg. The classic Canadian memoir of the Great War. A nice copy of an exceptional book. $75 [More Info]

A05) As Above; PB; VG; $15.00. [More Info]

A06) THE HON. SIR SAM HUGHES, KCB, MP; CANADA’S WAR MINISTER, 1911-16 by Brig. General Charles F. Blahs. MacMillan, 1931. HC; G (some minor Library stamps in interior); 182 pg. Biography of the Man who made the Canadian Corps. He was an irrational, patriotic, dogged individual to whom thousands of Canadians owe their lives. $45. [More Info]

A07) THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE WITHIN THE CANADIAN CORPS, 1914-18 by Major J. E. Hahn, DSO, MC. MacMillan, 1930. HC; G (minor water damage on outside boards, interior solid on SIGNED Copy); 263 pg. Fascinating study of how intelligence worked in the trenches; raids, communications, etc. A RARE SIGNED copy. $125. [More Info]

A08) CANADA’S HUNDRED DAYS by J.F.B. Livesay. Thomas Allen Toronto; 1919. HC; G; 421 pg. Some minor Library markings. Livesay’s brilliant tribute to Currie and his Victorious Canadian Corps. Recounting in great detail those thee decicive victories Augus 8 to November 11. Still the very best book on the subject. $100.00. [More Info]

A09) GENERAL SIR ARTHUR CURRIE; A Military Biography by A.M.J. Hyatt. University of Toronto Press, 1987. HC; DJ; VG; 178 pg. Hyatt’s study of Canada’s greatest soldier. One of the very few studies of Currie and his magnificent victories. $50. [More Info]

A10) VIMY by Pierre Berton. McCllland & Stewart, 1986. HC; VG; DJ; 336 pg. Berton’s classic book on the Battle of Vimy Ridge. One of the best on Vimy. $10.00. [More Info]

A11) TAPESTRY OF WAR; A Private View of Canadians in the Great War by Sandra Gwyn. HC; VG; DJ; 552 pg. The best overall book on Canada in the Great War. Introduces Agar Adamson, Talbot Papineau, etc. Excellent recapture of the times, a bit like Testament of Youth. $10.00. [More Info]

A12) BYNG OF VIMY; General and Governor General by Jeffery Williams. Leo Cooper, 1983. HC; VG; DJ; 399 pg. The only study and therefore the best analysis of the only open-minded General of the Great War, and the Canadians managed to get him by mistake! A great and important man. $30. [More Info]

A13) As Above with a small remainder mark on bottom of book. $20.00. [More Info]

A14) WHEN YOUR NUMBERS UP; The Canadian Soldier in the First World War by Desmond Morton. Random House, 1993. HC; VG; DJ; 354 pg. Morton’s classic study of Canada’s Great War soldiers. Important book. $20.00. [More Info]

A15) A PECULIAR KIND OF POLITICS; Canada’s Overseas Ministry in the First World War by Desmond Morton. U of T Press, 1982. HC; VG; DJ; 267 pg. Morton’s most important book; the study of the political turmoil within the OMFC/CEF, and how it was fixed, after considerable efforts. $25.00. [More Info]

A16) BAPTISM OF FIRE; The Second Battle of Ypres and the Forging of Canada, April 1915 by Nathan Greenfield. Harper Collins, 2007. HC; VG; DJ; 474 pg. Study of the Second Battle of Ypres. Roll of Honour of CEF DEAD. SIGNED BY AUTHOR $20.00. [More Info]

A17) THE 50TH BATTALION IN NO MAN’S LAND by Victoer Wheeler. Alberta Historical Resources, 1980. First Edition, HC; VG; DJ; 447 pg. A scarce First Edition of Wheeler’s classic. One of the very best. $85.00. [More Info]

A18) MONS 1914-1918; The Beginning and the End by Don Farr. Helion, 2008.HC; VG; DJ; 233 pg. Excellent treatment of the two battles for Mons. The Legendary fight (with an Angel ally) in 1914 to the Canadian Corps sweep into Mons four years later. Farr is a very good historian and handles the two battles well. He gives full credit to Currie and The Boys. $40.00. [More Info]

A19) A LIFE OF F.R. SCOTT; The Politics of Imagination by S. Djwa. McClelland & Stewart, 1987. HC; VG; DJ; 528 pg. Outstanding treatment of the life of Frank Scott, with much on his Father Canon Frederick Scott, and some on his dealings with Arthur Currie as Principal of McGill. Scott’s comments on Mack-King are brilliant; “why do things by half measures when quarter measures will do.” Gives clear understanding of political life in Canada, 1919-1968. Recommended. $25.00. [More Info]

A20) PATHS OF GLORY by H. Cobb. Viking, 1935. HC; G (cocked spine); 265 pg. The classic WWI novel (later film by Kubrick starting Kirk Douglas) about the french mutinies in 1917. Cobb served in the 14th Battalion, RMR in the Great War. $12.00. [More Info]

A21) THE CLERGY IN KHAKI; New Perspectives on British Army Chaplaincy in the First World war edited by M. Snale. Routledge, 2013. SC; VG; 222 pg. Part of Ashgate Studied in First World War History. Scarce $50.00. [More Info]

A22) THE SWORD OF THE LORD; Military Chaplains from the First to Twenty-first Century edited by D. Bergen. University of Notre Dame Press, 2004. Interesting studies on the importance of spirituality in warfare. Unusual. $30.00. [More Info]

A23) RUHLEBEN; A Prison Camp Society by J. Davidson Ketchum. U of T Press, 1965. HC; VG; DJ; 397 pg. Brilliant study of WWI POW life (including 2000 + Canadians). Covers camp life, punishments, etc. $30.00 [More Info]

A24) THE GREAT DOMINION; winston Churchill in Canada, 1900-1954 by D. Dilks. Thomas Allen, 2005. Detailed analysis of Churchill’s involvement in Canada, covering both wars. Interesting book. $15.00. [More Info]

A25) FAITHFUL SERVICES IN WWI AND WWII; Veterans of Sunny Brae, Pictou County by Clyde Macdonald. Private Publication. SC; VG323 pg. Great book on the Men who served and fell. Very well done. $30.00. [More Info]

A26) WWI NURSING SISTERS OF OLD DURHAM COUNTY by S. B. Leetooze. Stories of 36 women who served in the Great War. SIGNED BY AUTHOR. 25.00. [More Info]

A27) FOR MOST CONSPICUOUS BRAVERY; A Biography of Major General George R. Pearkes, VC, through two world wars by Dr. R. H. Roy. Reg’s masterpiece of the incredible life of the fearless Pearkes, through his Warrior phase in WWI, through the brutal politics of WWII (see Dieppe). A friend said; “he had the VC so we knew he was crazee.” $20.00. [More Info]


B01) ORDINARY HEROES; Eastern Ontario’s 21st Battalion, C.E.F. by Stephen Nicol. The definitive history of the 21st Battalion, C.E.F., including Nominal Roll, Wounded , Roll of Honour, Honour & Awards. RARE. SIGNED. $175. [More Info]

B02) THE TWENTIETH; The History of the 20th Canadian Battalion in the Great War, 1914-18 by Major D.J. Corrigall, DSO, MC.Stone & Cox, Toronto 1935. HC; G; 591 pg (323 Text; 268 Nominal Roll). A nice copy of one of the best CEF Unit Histories; great maps, battle descriptions, etc. Sihned by a dozen Vets in April 1936 at the Prince George Hotel, clearly a Reunion dinner! $200.00 [More Info]

B03) THE 42ND BATTALION, CEF, ROYAL HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA IN THE GREAT WAR By Lt. Col. C. Beresford Topp. Gazette Printing, Montreal 1931. HC; VG; 413 pg (icluding several exceptional folding maps. One of the best CEF Unit histories covering the actions of this 3rd Division stalwart battalions. Roll of Honour; Nominal roll, etc. Will Bird’s Unit. Signed by S.C. Norsworthy, R.L.H. Ewing and WW Haldimand. Great book Great copy. $175.00 [More Info]

B04) HEROES IN WAITING: The 160th Bruce Battalion in the Great War by Allan Bartley.The Brucedale Press, 1996. HC; VG; 208 pg. Study of the raising and deployment of the Men the 160th. In particular where they served after being broken up as reinforcements. SIGNED $50.00. [More Info]

B05) A BATTALION OF OUR OWN; The 113th Overses Battalion, CEF (The Lethbridge Highlanders) by Brett Clifton.Lethbridge Historical Society, 2014. SC; VG; 64 pg. History of the Men of the 113th Battalion, Lethbridge Highlanders. Nominal Roll, Casualties, etc. $50. [More Info]

B06) IN THE FACE OF DANGER; The History of the Lake Superior Regiment by G.F.G. Stanley. Lake Superior Scottish regiment, Port Arthur, c. 1960. HC; DJ; VG; 357 pg. The history of the 52nd Battalion, CEF in the Great War and the Lake Sups in the Second. Stanley was a great historian and this is his best book. $100.00. [More Info]

B07) THE ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA (Princess Louise’s), 1928 – 1953 by H.M. Jackson. Privately published 1953. Hc; VG; 407 pg. Study of this 4th Armoured Div’s fighting unit in Normandy and NW Europe. Roll of Honour, Awards, Nominal roll. $50.00. [More Info]

B08) HISTORY OF THE ROYAL CANADIAN CORPS OF SIGNALS, 1903-1961 edited by J.S. Moir. Corps Committee, RCCS, 1962. HC; DJ; VG; 366 pg (many exceptional fold-out maps). Covers First and Second World Wars and Korea. Roll of Honour, etc. Scarce Book $150.00. [More Info]

B09) THE 13TH BATTALION ROYAL HIGHLANDERS OF CANADA, 1914-1919, by R.C. Fetherstonhaugh. Reprint Naval & Military Press; SB; VG; 344 pg. Official history of the 13th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division from 1914-19. Contains Honours & Awards, Roll of Honour, etc. $40. [More Info]

B10) SECOND TO NONE: The Fighting 58th Battalion of the CEF; by Kevin Shackleton. Dundurn, 2002. SC; VG; 362 pg. History of the 58th Central Ontario Regiment. Includes Honour Roll, etc. $15.00. [More Info]

B13) INVICTA; The Carleton and York regiment in the Second World War by Robert Tooley. New Ireland Press, 1989. HC; G; DJ; 471 pg. Detailed study of the Carleton and Yorks from mobilization to Sicily, Italy and to Northwest Europe. Great maps, Nominal Roll, etc. $40.00. [More Info]

B14) GALLANT CANADIANS; The Story of the Tenth Canadian Infantry Battalion, 1914-19 by D. G. Dancocks.Calgary Highlanders Regimental association, 1990. HC; VG; DJ (a bit chipped); 251 pg. Dancocks’ study of Calgary’s 10th Battalion; great maps, profusely illustrated; Honours and Awards. $50.00 [More Info]

B15) As above; SB. $30.00. [More Info]

B16) SEMPER PARATUS; The History of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, 1862-1977 by B. Greenhous. RHLI Historical Society, 1977. HC; VG; DJ; 446 pg. History of the Rileys including First and Second World War coverage. Maps, Rollos of Honour, Awards, etc. $40.00. [More Info]

B17) HISTORY OF THE LINCOLN AND WELLAND REGIMENT, 1812-1949 by Major R.L. Rogers. Privately Published, 1954. HC; VG; 465 pg. $50.00. [More Info]

B18) CANADIAN MOUNTED RIFLES; British Columbia Horse in France & Flanders by G. Chalmers Johnston, DSO, MC. N & M Reprint. SC; VG; 170pg. History of the 2nd C.M.R., includes Awards & Decorations, wounded, pows, Roll of Honour, Nominal Roll. $30.00. [More Info]

B19) THE ROYAL MONTREAL REGIMENT (14th BATTALION), CEF, 1914-25 by R.C. Fetherstonhaugh. Naval & Military Reprint; SC; VG; 334 pg. Official history of the 14th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division from 1914-19. Contains Honours & Awards, Roll of Honour, etc. $40.00. [More Info]


C01) CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1914-1919; Nicholson, G.W.L. (Reprint of Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, Canada) ; HB; VG; 621pp. The Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War. Here is related the story of the building of the famous Canadian Corps into a first-class fighting machine whose efficiency and prowess were unsurpassed by any other formation in the Allied armies. $85. [More Info]

C02) As Above; PB Reprint; $65.00. [More Info]

C03) THE FIGHTING NEWFOUNDLANDER; A History of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment by G.W.L. Nicholson. 1st Edition, Government of Newfoundland 1964. HC; DJ; VG;614 pg. Exceptional history of the Newfoundland Regiment in the Great War from recruiting, and all their infamous battles: Gallipoli, Beaumont-Hamel, Guedecourt, Monchy, Cambrai, etc. Contains Roll of Honour and Honours & Awards.‘THE’ reference book for the Newfoundlanders in the Great War. Great book. $125. [More Info]

C04) As above. No DJ. $75.00. [More Info]

OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18 This is by far the best Great Histories ever written. Nothing compares to the depth and research, maps, photos, included in each volume of this incredible series.

C05) VOLUME II – THE STORY OF ANZAC; From May 4, 1915 to the Evacuation of the Peninsula by C.E.W. Bean. Angus & Robertson, 1934. HC; VG (slightly mottled spine); 975 pg. Incredible record of Anzac; illustrated, great maps, bios. Nothing can beat this incredible book. $95.00. [More Info]

C06) VOLUME IV – THE AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE IN FRANCE, 1917 by C.E.W. Bean. Angus & Robertson, 1933. HC; VG; 1030 pg. Another tome in Bean’s masterpiece, covering Bullecourt, Messines and Passchendaele. Just superb with maps and details. Head and shoulders better than anything else on the war. $75.00. [More Info]

C07) VOLUME VIII – AUSTRALIAN FLYING CORPS in the Western and Eastern Theatres of War, 1914-18 by F.M. Cutlack. Angus & Robertson, 1923. HC; Fair (spine cracking, contents VG); 485 pg. Dedicated Volume to Australian Flying Corps. Details, details, details. Great Book. $75.00. [More Info]

C08) VOLUME XII – PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD OF THE WAR Annotated by C.E.W. Bean and H.S. Gullett. Angus & Robertson, Third Edition,1934. HC; VG; 753 photo pages. Incredible collection of photos covering the entire war, all annotated by Bean. $85.00. [More Info]


C09) FRANCE AND BELGIUM, 1914; Mons, The Retreat to The Seine, The Marne, and the Aisne, August-September 1914 by Brig. General J.E. Edmonds. MacMillan, 1928. HC; F (faded spine, hinges cracked); 545 pg. Great color maps; detailed descriptions, unit by unit, of attacks, etc. $40.00. [More Info]

C10) FRANCE AND BELGIUM, 1917 VOLUME 3; The Battle of Cambrai by Capt. W. Miles. Naval & Military Reprint. PB; NEW; 399 pg. Colour maps, great detail on thethis significant battle, Byng’s first as head of the Third Army; first proper use of tanks in warfare. Newfoundland Regiment and Canadian Cavalry Brigade (one VC) involved. $40.00. [More Info]

C11) FRANCE AND BELGIUM, 1918 VOLUME I; The German March Offensive and its preliminaries by Brig. Gen. J.E. Edmonds. MacMillan, 1935. HC; VG (some minor Ex-Lib markings). Covers first stage of German Offensive, including Canadian Motors and Canadian Cavalry. Great maps. $40.00. [More Info]

C12) TWO VOLUMES (Parts 1 and 2); EGYPT AND PALESTINE; From June 1917 to the End of the War by Capt. Cyril Falls. H.M. stationary, 1930. HC; VG; 748 pg. War in the Middle East – who knew? The two volumes cover in great detail; great maps. Two Volumes $80.00 [More Info]


D01) THE AUSTRALIAN VICTORIES IN FRANCE IN 1918, by Lieut.-General Sir John Monash. E.P.Dutton, NY. John Monash served from 1914 with the Australian Imperial Force. He took command of the Australian Corps in 1918, and this is his version of events; Hamel; Villers Bretoneux, Amiens, etc. He was considered to be Arthur Currie’s competitor. $100. [More Info]

D03) THE LIGHT TRACK FROM ARRAS by T.R.Heritage. Plateway Press, 2nd Edition, 1999. SC; VG; 79 pg. Study of the systems, equipment, men who operated the light railways. Canada had 13 Battalions of Railway Troops. Great photos. Scarce $65. [More Info]

D04) TESTAMENT OF YOUTH; A Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900-1925 by Vera Brittain. MacMillan, NY, 1938 Reissue. HC; VG; DJ; 662 pg. The best Great War memoir (in Norm’s opinion). Simply the best read to understand the periods, before, during and after the war. A really nice copy in an nice DJ (spine sun-faded) $100.00. [More Info]

D05) THE WIPERS TIMES; A Complete Facsimile of the famous World War One trench newspaper, incorporating The New Church Times, The Kemmel Times, The Somme Times, The BEF Times and the Better Times. Forward by Henry Williamson. Peter Davies, London, 1973. HC; VG; DJ; 377 pg. A very nice reprint of everyone’s favourite WWI newspaper. Great piece. $65.00. [More Info]

D06) A BRASS HAT IN NO MAN’S LAND by Brig. General F.P. Crozier. Jonathan Cape, 1937. HC; VG; 256 pg. Crozier’s Great War Classic memoir. After being as tough as tough gets in WWI he became a pacifist (see title below). Important me,oir. $25.00. [More Info]

D07) THE MEN I KILLED by Brig. General F.P. Crozier, CB, CMG, DSO. Michael Joseph, 1937. HC; VG; 288 pg An interesting study into the mind of this tough General who clearly had second thoughts about the war, and about future wars. Very interesting. $45.00. [More Info]

D08) A SUBALTERNS WAR (Somme 1916; Yres 1917) by Charles Edmonds. Peter Davies, 1929 First Edition. HB; VG; 224 pg. One of the Great War Classics. Candid accounts of two great battles, illustrations, etc. $25.00. [More Info]

D09) MEN OF GALLIPOLI; The Dardanelles and Gallipoli Experience August 1914 to January 1916 by Peter Liddle. Allen Lane 1976. HC’ VG; DJ; 320 pg. One of the early use of veterans recounting their experiences. Liddle as well as Lynn McDonald was a master at this style. $20.00. [More Info]

D10) GALLIPOLI by Robert Rhodes James. Batsford, 1965. HC; VG; DJ (a bit tattered). Norm’s favourite Gallipoli book. James is a great historian and using interviews with the then many surviving vets tells a great tale. $20.00. [More Info]

D11) GALLIPOLI; The Fading Vision by John North. Faber. PB; VG; 290 pg. One of the Gallipoli Classics. $15.00. [More Info]

D12) MONASH AS MILITARY COMMANDER by P.A. Pedersen. Melbourne University, 1992. PB; VG; 363 pg. Detailed study of John Monash’s tremendous career in the Great War. Took over Anzac Corps in 1918. Considered in Currie’s League. $20.00. [More Info]

D13) THE LAST HUNDRED DAYS; The Australian Road to Victory in the First World War by Will Davies. Vintage, 2018. Covers the tremendous vistories of the Anzacs from Amiens onwards. Interesting comparison to Currie and The Boys. Good Read. $25.00. [More Info]

D14) THE THIN YELLOW LINE by William Moore. Leo Cooper1974. HC; VG; DJ; 270 pg.First book that deals with the Executions in the BEF during the Great War. Great treatment Last Chapter: The Hundred Year Hush up. $20.00. [More Info]

D15) FOR THE SAKE OF EXAMPLE; Capital Courts Martial 1914-18, The Truth by Anthony Babington. Leo Cooper, 1983. HC; VG; DJ; 238 pg. Second earliest treatment on the execution of British soldiers in the Great War. Has a lot of details but names were obstructed, as, at the time of writing the records were not officially released. $15.00. [More Info]

D16) LIST OF BOOKS CONCERNING THE GREAT WAR (1923) edited by G. W. Prothero. Battery Press Reprint. HC; VG; 431 pg. Unique listing of documents, titles, etc. from all players. Quite amazing. $25.00. [More Info]

D17) FATHER WILLIAM DOYLE, S.J.; A Spiritual Study by Alfred O’Rahilly. Longman’s 1936 (Second Spring Series). HC; VG; 613 pg. Biography of a Catholic Priest from early days until he was killed at Passchendaele in August 1917 (half on his War experiences). Won the MC. A great tribute. A Presentation copy from Sisters of St. Louis, Swift Current to Rev. N.J. Gallagher. All pupils 1938-39 have signed book. $35.00. [More Info]

D18) A PASSIONATE PRODIGALITY by Guy Chapman. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1965, reprint of 1933. HC; VG; 281 pg. One of Norm’s favorite memoirs of an officer of the Royal Fusiliers. $15.00. [More Info]

D19) ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT by Erich Maria Remarque. Grosset & Dunlop Reprinted February 1930. HC; VG; 300 pg. Nice copy of the Great War Classic. $12.00. [More Info]

D20) MEMOIRS OF A BRITISH AGENT; Being an acount of the Author’s Early life in many lands and of his official mission to Moscow in 1918 by R.H. Bruce Lockhart. Putnam, Reprinted 1936. Classic WWI spy story by Britain’s leading spy. $12.00. [More Info]

D21) DUNTROON: The Royal Military College of Australia, 1911-2001 by D. Moore. Royal Military College of Australia, 2001. HC; VG; DJ; 608 pg. A massive tome detailing the contributions made by trained officers, developments through the years, First and SecondWorld Wars, Korea , Vietnam, etc. Uncommon. $40.00. [More Info]


E01) UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO ROLL OF SERVICE 1914-1918. University of Toronto Press, 1921. HC; G; No DJ; 603 pg. Great reference for detailed service for all U of T students/ Grads or Professors. A must reference. $60. [More Info]

E02) TRINITY WAR BOOK; A Recital of Service and Sacrifice in the Great War. Trinity Methodist Church, 1921. Classic memoir to those who fought and died in the Great War. Good reference. $30. [More Info]

E03) THE REAL WINNIE; A One of a Kind Bear by Val Shushkewich. Natural Heritage Books, 2003. SC; VG; 86 pg. The story of the famous Winnipeg Bear. Well illustrated. $15. [More Info]

E04) COURAGE REMEMBERED by King Ward and Gibson. McClelland & Stewart, 1989. HC; VG; DJ; 282 pg. Best telling of the birth and development of the Imperial War Graves Commission (later Commonwealth), with great side stories and statistics. Intro by Fred Tilston VC. $25. [More Info]

E05) As Above SIGNED BY FRED TILSTON, VC & KING WARD. $45.00. [More Info]

E07) CANADA AT VIMY by Lt. Col. D.E. Macintyre, DSO, MC. Peter Martin Associates, 1967. HC; VG; DJ; 229 pg. Excellent for both the fighting and the organizational story of the Vimy Pilgrimage. The author was decorated twice with the 28th CEF, and was the main coordinator of the European leg of the great 1936 Pilgrimage. Great detail on Zivy Cave. $30. [More Info]

E08) SURVIVING TRENCH WARFARE; Technology and the Canadian Corps, 1914-18. UTP, 1992. SC; VG’ 325 pg. Rawling’s exceptional good treatment of some of the great technical developments during the war; fuses, etc. $25. [More Info]

E09) LETTERS FROM THE FRONT 1914-19; Being a Record of the part played by Officers and Men of the Bank in the Great War. The Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1920. TWO VOLUMES. HC; VG; No DJ; 344 pg & 498 pg. Brilliant reference with photos, bios, Roll of Honour, Roll od service with exceptional details; photos of cap badges, etc.. $95. [More Info]

E10) PILGRIMAGE by Lt. Col. G.S. Hutchison, DSO, MC.Rich & Cowan, 1936. HC; VG; DJ; 270 pg. Hutchison’s classic Return to the old front book. Great detail. This is the Edition printed specifically for and given to Canada’s Vimy Pilgrims in July 1936 “to mark the unique occasion of the unveiling of the Canadian War Memorial on Vimy Ridge.” $25.00. [More Info]

E11) VETERANS WITH A VISION; Canada’s War Blinded in Peace and War by S. M. Durflinger. UBC Press, 2010. HC’ VG’ DJ; 428 pg. Thorough study of the treatment of and lives lived by Canada’s many blinded soldiers for both World Wars. Unusual title. $30.00. [More Info]


F01) CANADA’S SONS ON KOPJE AND VELDT; A Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents by T.G. Marquis. The Canada’s Sons Publishing, 1900. HC; VG; 490 pg. Excellent account of the Canadian Contingents in the Boer War; the Capture of Pretoria and relief of Mefeking. Includes list of Men in the First and second Contingents. $25.00. [More Info]

F02) THE WHITE CROSS IN CANADA; A History of the St. John Ambulance by G.W. L. Nicholson.The Runge Press, 1967. HC; VG; DJ; 206 pg. Colourful history of the St. John’s Ambulance; covers First and Second World Wars. $20.00. [More Info]

F03) THE MAPLE LEAF AND THE WHITE CROSS; A History of the St. John’s Ambulance and the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem in Canada by Christopher McCreery.Dundurn, 2008. HC; VG; DJ; 332 pg. An updated and much expanded history of St. John’s Ambulance, etc. Lists Awards, types, etc. $20.00. [More Info]

F04) THE WHITE ARMIES OF RUSSIA; A Chronicle of Counter-Revolution and Allied Intervention by George Stewart. Naval & Military Press Reprint. SB; VG; 471 pg. Fine account of the mess that brought about the Soviet Union. The dithering indecisive Allies and the disfunctional White Armies failed to knock out the Reds. $25.00. [More Info]

F05) THE DEFEAT OF IMPERIAL GERMANY, 1917-18 by Rod Paschall. Algonquin Books, 1989. HC; VG; DJ; 247 pg. Interesting analysis on what brought down Imperial Germany. Detailed anaysis of major battles 1917-18, including failure of German Offensives in 1918. $20.00. [More Info]

F06) FOR GOD AND KAISER; THE IMPERIAL AUSTRIAN ARMY FROM 1619 TO 1918 by Richard Bassett. Yale, 2015. HC; VG; DJ; 591 pg. Incredible study of austria’s Army from the great days of Victory to its final destruction in 1918. $30.00. [More Info]


F07) RHEIMS AND THE BATTLES FOR ITS POSSESSION. 1919, HC; VG; 176 pg. $20.00. [More Info]

F08) VERDUN AND THE BATTLES FOR ITS POSSESSION. 1919; HC; VG; 112 pg. $20.00. [More Info]

F09) THE STRUGGLE FOR NORTHERN EPIRUS. Hellenic Army General Staff, 2000. HC; VG; DJ; 578 pg. Incredibly detailed study of the wars of Northern Greece from the Balkan wars, creation of Albania, etc., Uprising of the Greeks and includes First World War. Fold out maps, etc. SCARCE $100.00. [More Info]

F10) WAR SURGERY; FROM FIRING-LINE TO BASE by Basil Hughes, DSO, Ma, Mb, Bsc, FRCS. MacMillan, 1918. HC: VG; 623 pg (pasted down page from Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital, Maidenhead, UK0. Fantastic book was war surgery, with photos all sorts of issues pertaining to the challenges of the time. Very Rare. $275.00. [More Info]


G01) THE DONKEYS by Alan Clark. [More Info]
G02) THEY CALLED IT PASSCHENDAELE by Lyn MacDonald. [More Info]
G03) IN PARENTHESIS by David Jones. [More Info]
G04) THE GREAT WAR AND MODERN MEMORY by Paul Fussell. [More Info]
G05) BETHUNE by Roderick Stewart. [More Info]
G06) THE CRISIS OF QUEBEC, 1914-1918 (originally 1939) by E. Armstrong. [More Info]
G07) DEATH’S MEN by Denis Winter. Great book. [More Info]
G08) HAIG’S COMMAND by Denis Winter. Greater book. [More Info]
G09) NO MAN’S LAND by John toland. [More Info]
G10) THE LOUSIER WAR by W.A. Tucker. [More Info]
G11) TESTAMENT OF YOUTH by Vera Brittain. Best memoir on the Great War. [More Info]
G12) CHRONICLE OF YOUTH by Vera Brittain. [More Info]
G13) VERA BRITTAIN by D. Graham. [More Info]
G14) THE GUNS 1914-18 by I. Hogg. [More Info]
G15) EARLY AVIATION by Sir Robert Saundby. [More Info]
G16) SEE HOW THEY RAN by W. Moore. Best book on the German 1918 Offensives. [More Info]
G17) GOD’S SPARROWS by Philip Child. Classic Canadian Novel on the Great War (1937). [More Info]
G18) THEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD by John Reed. [More Info]
G19) THE SIEGE by R. Braddon. Classic on the Kut disaster. [More Info]
G20) THE FIRST DAY ON THE SOMME by M. Middlebrook. Classic account. [More Info]
G22) THE POETICAL WORKS OF RUPERT BROOKE edited by G. Keynes. [More Info]
G23) RUPERT BROOKE; A Biography by C. Hassall. [More Info]
G24) THE COMPLETE WORKS OF GEORGE SHERSTON by Siegfied Sasson. [More Info]


H01) THREE DAY ROAD by Jospeh Boyden. Weidenfeld & Nicholson 2005; HC; VG; DJ; 354 pg. Boyden’s classic novel of CEF native sniper, inspired by the story of Francis Pegahmagabow. SIGNED BY AUTHOR $30.00. [More Info]

H02) THE STONE CARVERS by Jane Urquhart. McClelland & Stewart, 2001. HC; VG; DJ; 391 pg. Urquhart’s novel about Walter Alllward and the building and unveiling of the Vimy Memorial. Interesting treatment of an important subject. SIGNED BY AUTHOR. $20.00. [More Info]

H03) 1967; The Last Good Year by Pierre Berton.Doubleday, 1997. HC; VG; DJ; 391 pg. Berton’e bittersweet book on the last time Canada was special. The Canadian pride and patriotism was euphoric in 1967. The World was a shinny Canadian penny (designed by Alec Colville!!). The Canada Song by Rich Little, The military Tatoo… fantastic! Will we be so great again? SIGNED BY AUTHOR $25.00. [More Info]

H04) ONE CANADA; Memoirs of the Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker, The Crusading Years 1895 – 1956. The Chiefs story from early days in Ontario, to Saskatchewan, the Great War, Vimy Pilgrimage, and lots of politics (including approving Centennial Year and Expo 67. SIGNED BY DIEFENBAKER. $15.00. [More Info]

H05) MY LIFE IN HOCKEY by Jean Beliveau. McClelland & Stewart, 1994. HC; VG; DJ; 308 pg. What can we say… It is the story of Norm’s uber fav Hockey player, the Great #4. He played against the below player in 1967. SIGNED BY JEAN BELIVEAU. $30.00. [More Info]

H06) CLEAR THE TRACK; The Eddie Shack Story by Ross Brewitt. Stoddart, 1997. HC; VG; DJ; 282 pg. Yes this is Shack’s story of fights, hockey, tribulations. He was also the spokesman for THE POP SHOPPE, where He had a nose for value and somethings is free. SIGNED BY EDDIE SHACK. $15.00. [More Info]

I0001) HOW TO YOGA; an Illustrated Guide for a beautiful Practice by Alex Christie. Christie Creative, 2019. In colour, illustrations; SC; NEW; 90 pg. See Alex’s website. $30.00 [More Info]