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D-Day: The Canadians And The Normandy Landings


Dr. Reg Roy is an eminent expert on the Normandy battle. In this volume he concisely puts together the greatest military operation of the war with the significant role played by Canada. This volume concentrates on the preparations, logistics, strategies and planning that made this high-risk venture a relative cake-walk, at least for the Canadians on Juno. The days after the landings would bring the inexperienced Canadians face-to-face with a hard-hitting fanatical opponent, with their backs to the wall. Dr. Roy brilliantly explains the bitter fighting and brutal encounters with the 12th SS, and the quickly learned lessons that finally subdued our zealous enemy, and allowed for breathing room on the beaches and the establishment of a secure beachhead that would allow for the ultimate breakout and the defeat of Nazi Germany.

“What the Americans, British and Canadians were trying to do was get back a whole continent that had been taken from its rightful owners and whose citizens had been taken captive by Adolf Hitler’s German army. It was one of the most monumentally unselfish things one group of peole ever did for another.” Andy Rooney, US Army.

by DR. R.H. Roy