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Pounding the Enemy; The Diary of the 13th Battery, C.F.A.



Pounding the Enemy is a unique book that weaves the story of the 13th Battery C.F.A. in with the letters Napoleon Gagne sent home. The 13th Battery was one of the original units that went to France in 1915. It fought in all the major engagements of the Canadian Corps. It included in its numbers the famous actor, Raymond Massey, and a 40 year-old painter and father of eight, Napoleon Gagne. Napoleon wrote home religiously to his loving family. His letters follow the War Diary of the 13th as they go from Ypres to the Somme to Vimy to Passchendaele into 1918. Though the unit suffered heavy casualties, Napoleon came through unscathed. In the Hundred days the Battery fought at Amiens, Arras and Cambrai. And it was after the crossing of the Canal du Nord that the explosion of an overhead shell sent a small fragment towards the 41 year father of eight and killed him. Pounding the Enemy is an interesting addition to the Canadian literature of the Great War.


by L. Gagne